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    Saving the Warfare-Welfare State

    Sheldon Richman makes the case that the gop's "budget" (long and short term) as set forth by Paul Ryan is just more of the same uni-party preserve welfare and war that got us to where we are currently. Its the same old stuff and the players in DC are just maintaining the status quo, while the country gets set up for a fall. Nothing's going to change with this latest fiscal charade. Obama's plan, Ryan's plan. The only real differences are in the names on them.

    Saving the Warfare-Welfare State | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty

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    I agree. Ryan is crowing because his proposal makes deeper cuts, but they both run in the red.

    Like I said in the other thread. There are just as many Rs dependant on government as there are Ds. In the end, they're all just Ps.

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