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    New York: Permit to play kickball, horseshoes, wiffleball, tag

    The busybodies are working overtime. Now day camps will have to have permits, and follow state regulations, in order to let kids play hazardous games such as tag, kickball, horseshoes, and wiffleball.

    Free people don't have to ask for permission to do things. Subjects do.

    NY says Kickball is Dangerous

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    Sounds like a great opportunity for neighboring states to set up camps and run buses. Let NY lose the revenue, rather than rake it in like they planned. New Jersey could make a killing on this!

    Plan B: Looks like it is only for camps that engage in multiple activities. Set up a Kickball camp next door to a Wiffle Ball camp, and just walk the kids back and forth.

    Either that, or the citizens need to vote these retards out of office.
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    Soon they will ban pencils because they can be used as weapons or the student could poke their own eye out.

    Ban ball point pens, see poke their eye out above.

    Ban scissors, again, see poke their eye out or use as weapon.

    Ban doors since a person can get their hand caught in a slamming door!

    Ban glass windows because they can shatter causing severe cuts.

    The sad thing is people are too stupid to stand up and say "enough". And unfortunately there seems to be an endless supply of stupid people running for office and getting elected.


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