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Thread: 8.8 BILLION Man Hours Worth Of Red Tape

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    8.8 BILLION Man Hours Worth Of Red Tape

    That's what Bush and Obama have saddled American business with, according to the OMB. Guess that's the cost of doing business in the American "free market". Think how business would explode if we could get government out of it. Unfortunately, that's unlikely as the American voters continue to vote in anti-business politicians (from both sides of the Boot On Your Neck Party). No wonder no-one wants to start up businesses, expand businesses or even continue in this country. It's not worth it anymore.

    Measuring One Part of the Bush-Obama Regulatory Onslaught International Liberty

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    During the height of the gasoline "crisis" a couple of years ago, an oil exec was asked why it would take 10 years to build a refinery. His answer was something I knew, but most people don't seem to comprehend. He said if he was given the immediate go-ahead it would take about 9 months to get a refinery built and running. The other 9 years are to satisfy the regulations required just to break ground.

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    How many hours did government officials spend (at would you say roughly $80,000 per year per person?) raeding, verifying, and going over those 8.8 billion hours of filled out paperwork?

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    Hmmm... Just a tad more than the 6.5 Billion man-hours spent trying to comply with the labyrinthian US tax code (not including IRS man-hours spent enforcing it).
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    Oh that's not so bad. I mean, just look at all the people that red tape put to work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATOMonkey View Post
    Oh that's not so bad. I mean, just look at all the people that red tape put to work!

    Should read "You see what "I" did there...."

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