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Thread: Gaddafi's golden pistol

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    U.S. Officials Celebrate Killing of Former Ally Gadhafi

    Despite the fact that Libyan strongman Col. Muammar Gadhafi was considered an important U.S. ally in the terror war as recently as 2009, top American lawmakers and Obama administration officials rushed to celebrate his reported violent death at the hands of NATO war planes and Western-backed revolutionaries. Several members of Gadhafi’s family, including children and grandchildren, have been killed recently as well.

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    Politicians are a fickle bunch. That's why sane people shouldn't trust them.

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    Sarah Palin weighs in on Libya. Maybe she's coming around to non-interventionism. Curious to see who she will endorse.

    Sarah Palin Praises Ron Paul's Foreign Policy
    “You’ve got to give it to Ron Paul. Whether you agree with everything he says or not, at least he is one there in Congress trying to make our President stick to the law and understand that Congress does have a role to play in these foreign policy decisions that are made and Ron Paul, I think hit the nail on the head, when he came out and said Obama had better be careful when he interjects himself and our country in other nations’ business.”

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