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Thread: Fannie Mae loss widens, asks taxpayers for $7.8B

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    Fannie Mae loss widens, asks taxpayers for $7.8B

    Fannie Mae loss widens, asks taxpayers for $7.8B - Yahoo! News

    Bail out #2 for Faine Mae. But then again they are just asking for the money that the .gov gauranteed if defaults occured.

    What is sad/funny is the comments in the article. are blaming everyone from big biz, the CEO of faine mae, big brother, everyone and everything except the real persons to blame.

    "look in the mirror".

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    I defaulted because I refused to pay 600 dollars a month on a 6k loan. They refused to consolidate. It'llbe paid off when they take my tax check.

    I really hate this company, and wish it'd go away.

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    Don't blame Fannie and Freddie, this is what government agencies do! Blame the ones that are supposed to "regulate" them, but do not and they continue to allow this theft to continue. I don't blame the wolf for going into the pen after the sheep, it's what wolves do. I blame the sheepdog that stands there and holds the gate open for the wolves.
    We have the government our Founding Fathers tried to protect us from.
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    Blame Chris Dodd and Barney the #@* Frank!!

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    Want to place blame? Don't take this the wrong way, but look in the mirror. Tell your parents to look in the mirror and their parents to do the same. I'm pointing the finger at myself as well. We are all culpable, to the extent that we continue to allow it to happen.
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    Be a man and stand up for what you believe, if not then sit down and STFU.

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    HEY!!! at least its not $169 billion
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