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    CBS, Video Games Motivated Newtown Murderer

    Apparently the Newtown murderer was so far gone that he wanted to replicate a video game.

    No way to stop this madness but with a bullet, and lawmakers won't let us do that.

    CBS on Adam Lanza Motivations | Shall Not Be Questioned
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    "....picked the school as his target because he knew it would be an easy target to attack with large clusters of [UNARMED] people...."

    There, I fixed it for CBS.
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    It's obvious that we, the people, have no mind of our own and need the guidance of our leaders. This is why we need more government and do away with that old, out dated Constitution thing. It is the only answer that makes any sense. (Oh yeah, I forgot to put it in purple)
    I love my country, it's the government that I fear.

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    *picard facepalm "not this **** again" meme image*

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    Wow! I wonder how many more hypotheses will show up regarding Lanza's motivations. I just saw a piece an hour ago on Fox News that he was trying to exceed the body count that Anders Breivik racked up in Norway in 2011. Link: Newtown gunman may have been motivated by Norway

    Breivik killed 77 people, 8 in a bombing of a gov't building and later shot and killed 69 at a youth camp. He was convicted and received a 21 year sentence for murder and terrorism that can be extended "for as long as he is considered a danger to society." Wiki Link: Anders Behring Breivik - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    I own guns, and I play more than the average amount of violent video games. I'm well adjusted because I don't have a mental disease. Instead of blaming guns and games why don't we blame inadequate mental health care in this country? By the description the kid was obviously a loon. Why was he never checked out?

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