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    Quote Originally Posted by kickbacked View Post
    I will never forget the first time i went to the boy scouts after i got my arrow of light badge. It was in the basement of a church and they had us play a game called smear the queer. I have a feeling that is frowned upon today
    That was the big game at recess when I was in elementary school. Very fun.

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    First off, comparing race to human sexuality isn't a valid comparison. They are vastly different things. One can see and witness a person's race, but they can't see another person's sexuality. Instead, humans usually find out another human's sexuality by other things a person does. For some, it could be the way they dress, how they talk, etc. which may be hints at a person's sexual orientation. However, until the person either openly admits their preference, or there is some other proof provided, one really never knows.

    So what happens now? We have young males who are sexually attracted to other young males. Now we don't have communal showers in the military, at high schools, gyms, and athletic facilities. The reason is because the sexuality of human nudity, which plays into human sexuality, though this varies from culture to culture. I think this, along with gays in the military, to cause huge uproars from both sides.

    First, what happens when a gay scout is not bullied, not attacked, but just left alone because the other ten straight scouts want to talk about female based sex stuff and have no desire or want to hear the gay scout talk about male based sex stuff? The gay scout will claim "discrimination," and the media will eat it up because the goal for some is never really equality, it is about forced acceptance and engagement. Radicals demand that straight guys talk about sex stuff with gay guy like it is just another "guy thing." They are trying their hardest to separate sexuality from gender, but that isn't how things work.

    Second, back to the shower issue. What happens when we have a known person who is sexually aroused by other males. How are the others who are straight going to feel about that? We don't have coed shower facilities in this country, and in many others, and it has to do with nudity and human sexuality. They are connected, no matter how many liberals want to claim that nudity is some sort of non-sexual state of being. You can't say nudity is a sexual thing during sexual relations, then turn around and claim nudity can't possibly be sexual when a person is naked on a beach, in a shower, bathtub, public park, etc..

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    And when will the lawsuit be filed for sexual discrimination? Should girls be allowed in boyscouts and boys be allowed in girlscouts? Where will it end? Is it unfair that not everyone makes an eagle scout? Do they need to relax the rules so everybody can be an eagle scout?

    Let the BSA make their own rules!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopper68 View Post
    And when will the lawsuit be filed for sexual discrimination? Should girls be allowed in boyscouts and boys be allowed in girlscouts? Where will it end? Is it unfair that not everyone makes an eagle scout? Do they need to relax the rules so everybody can be an eagle scout?

    Let the BSA make their own rules!
    Actually girls are already allowed in Boy Scouts.........sort of. Women, that is adult women, can become Troop leaders and/or Assistant Scoutmasters. In my Troop, we had one woman who functioned excellently in this capacity. Also, at Camp Maumee Boy Scout reservation, a lot of the staff members and merit badge instructors were women, and the Program Director (keep in mind it's been several years since I've been out there) was a woman beloved by all the staff and scouts.

    Also there is a thing called Venture Crew. It's basically Boy Scouts with some exceptions. In Boy Scouts, you have to be between the ages of 11-17 to join. In Venture Crew, if memory serves correct, it's 14-21. Also whereas Boy Scouts is for boys, Venture Crew is coed and both boys and girls can be in a Venture Crew. Lastly, Venture Crew, because it's geared towards a different age group, can participate in a wider variety of activities than Boy Scouts.

    While Venture Crew is different, it's still apart of the Boy Scouts of America.

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    I think this resolution is so poorly written that it won't stand a chance at passing. The BSA executives are brain dead. It may save the scouts.

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    My issue is that the whole argument against "Gay" in general is all based on religion. In the USA there is suppose to be a separation of church and state. As such, any discrimination / segregation based on such should be illegal. This is plain and simple. Even France figured it out.

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    Canadian Boy Scouts saw its membership cut in half after four or five years when a similar ruling was passed in the 90's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Macs View Post
    Should they ban blacks too?
    OH PLEASE! Why is there always someone who throws in the race card when the topic of homosexuality pops up? Did you not go to school at all? Let me rephrase that. Did you pay attention in school? Where does being black, which is a race, come anywhere close to homosexuality, which IS NOT A RACE! You sir, need to think before you engage your typing fingers.
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    Dudes. DUDES! Duuuuuudes. I have some reeeally bad news for y'all. There have ALWAYS been gay kids in scouts. We had a couple in my troop. One of them was openly effeminate. He couldn't help it, that's how he was. HE took a lot of grief. The other one wasn't even openly aware that he was gay yet. He's doing well. The point is, very few parents are going to be asking little Johnny, "Now son, are you sure you're not gay? 'Cause the Boy Scouts don't allow no pillow pirates, ya know." I'm gonna take a wild guess and put the percentage of households where that conversation occurs at way under 1%....
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    There is a reason Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were created as separate one sex organizations. It limits the opportunities for sexual contact and the distractions they would cause for young adolescents during the various activities. Adding gay males into the Boy Scout mix definitely interferes with this principle even though many will brush it off.

    Seems like they should be able to create their associations with whomever they choose. Used to be something about free association in some of our founding documents but hey, those are likely not relevant these days.
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