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    Gov Pence looking to phase out property taxes.

    Best idea ever. Can you imagine actually owning your property and not just renting it from the state? What a glorious day that will be. I really really really really hope this gains traction and passes.

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    I hadn't seen that except for business personal property. How does he plan to offset the funds? Is there a link to his plan?

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    Yeah, I would love to know where all the money is going to come from.

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    Any linkage?

    We just had the 1% added to our constitution, so I am surprised Pence is looking to change it again.

    I assume this will be offset with usage taxes, like other states do?

    Edit: the news stories I see are for BUSINESS property taxes, not personal property.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Keymaster View Post
    Yeah, I would love to know where all the money is going to come from.
    I'd like to know why this is always the standard response.

    Has government ever had a problem "finding money"? Also, to quote a wise man, "you'd be surprised by the amount of government you won't miss."

    Focus on the fact that a business can actually OWN the land, material, buildings, etc it uses to provide us with goods or services. I believe farms are counted as business property, correct? Wouldn't it be good for farmers to own their land?

    In my opinion, this is another positive step in the right direction.

    First, they did away with inventory tax.

    Then they capped property tax.

    Hopefully next, they'll do away with Business property tax.

    After that they can repeal personal property tax.

    Indiana will then be THE ONLY state in the union with no property tax.

    Indiana has also started to phase out Inherritance tax as well.

    I see a very bright future for the Hoosier state if we continue down this path.

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    Property tax is one of the most destructive taxes ever devised. Not only does it discourage investment and development but it unfairly penalizes those who find themselves property rich but income poor. It taxes something that is simply held vs. something that is earned.

    It's so sad to see elderly and other fixed income people forced to sell their homes and move because they can't afford the property taxes.

    I would much rather see property taxes replaced by (in order of priority):

    1) Local school system SPENDING CUTS! In spite of the lies spread by school administrations there is NOT a causal relationship between school funding and academic performance!
    2) State spending cuts.
    3) Income tax increase.

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    Oh the humanity.... those evil republicans... Think of the children.... how will we pay for education and the 3-4 football fields alot of schools need, or the Taj Mahal bazillion dollar type schools everyone just has to have?

    BTW, aren't there some states already that have no property taxes and the difference is in higher sales taxes? I'm thinking my sister that lives in Oregon pays no property taxes...

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    I'd actually would rather see the sales tax disappear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldirector View Post
    ............Edit: the news stories I see are for BUSINESS property taxes, not personal property.

    I pay both already.

    Taxing me twice is twice as nice....... wait....
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    The pan is to phase out personal property tax for business.

    Pence Plan Could Phase Out Business Personal Property Tax | News - Indiana Public Media

    This would mean that a business would not pay property tax on, say, its manufacturing equipment used in Indiana. A store would not pay personal ppty tax on its shelves and desks that sort of thing.

    This would not impact the property tax on real estate such as your home or farm.

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