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    "Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem."

    “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” -Plato

    "A citizen may not be required to offer a 'good and substantial reason' why he should be permitted to exercise his rights. The rights existence is all the reason he needs." Benson Everett Legg - Woolard v. Sheridan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Midnight View Post
    So they shut the Farmer's Market down for a couple of weeks, which basically gives these A-Holes a temporary victory. I can't wait to see how emboldened these pieces of **** become now.

    Bloomington has had a problem with homeless people and panhandlers for years, and now we have ANTIFA creeping in. I can't wait to step over my first fresh turd on Kirkwood as I'm walking into Nick's. We'll be little San Francisco before you know it.
    it has been little San Francisco for years ....
    "I got a shotgun,rifle and 4 wheel drive and country boy can survive!!!"

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    I heard this morning that Owen county was welcoming the Farmer's Market vendors to set up shop over there. ANTIFA probably won't find the local government as friendly over there when they want to start causing trouble.
    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

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    We used to go to church on Kirkwood. Aside from that church's PC bs, it was getting tiring getting harassed by the homeless and panhandlers all the time. We don't go anymore.

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    I for one am struggling with the journalism I am finding on this subject.

    Both WXIN and NPR last night and this morning never mentioned Antifa, but spent an inordinate amount of time referring to white supremacists without referring to any evidence.

    This is Indiana. I expect this level of "journalism" out of the coasts, but my aspirations are a little higher for WXIN.

    A quick Google did indicate that a vendor has filed a protective order request against an individual for alleged harassment and Antifa ties, but little else that didn't follow the white supremacists narrative.

    Does anyone have demonstrable facts / evidence that can be sent to some of our local media? At least from comments in this thread, it appears the focus should be equally on Antifa members and activity.

    The media could at least do some basic journalistic investigating, and reporting.
    Never ascribe to malice or conspiracy, that which can be adequately explained by ignorance or stupidity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoggyDaddy View Post
    From the indianapublicmedia page:

    "As Mayor, I have spoken for our City to condemn white nationalism and white supremacists as a scourge on our country and our community, and to promise that we will do all we can to overcome their legacies and any current efforts,” Mayor John Hamilton said in the release.

    “We also want to assure that everyone knows that all are welcome in our inclusive Bloomington unless you're one of those white nationalist produce growers, and that our Farmers’ Market will embody those values of inclusion and welcoming (except you white nationalist tomato vendors), as well as be a safe space for all the LBGTQRSTUV, POC, child transvestite community to gather, as our community expects every Saturday.”


    How does one get branded as a "white nationalist" these days? Seems like all it takes is for the wrong SJW to not like something about you or in some cases to just notice that you exist. Curiously, it doesn't appear that either being white or being a nationalist are prerequisites.

    "The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State."
    Article 1 - Bill of Rights - Section 32


    To prevail you must ACT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamil View Post
    I dunno. Maybe it's just me. But before I get bent out of shape over white nationalist farmer's markets, I'd kinda want some evidence that they're actually white nationalists. And if they are, yeah, maybe protest. But you can't violate their rights anymore than you'd want them to violate yours.
    Whoa. Whoa! WHOA! Pump your brakes, bruh!

    If you're not sufficiently "woke" based on the arbitrary and capricious standards of the moment, you don't have any rights. Only the Socially Just have rights.

    For the love of Allah, get with it, Abu Hajaar!

    "The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State."
    Article 1 - Bill of Rights - Section 32


    To prevail you must ACT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post
    How does one get branded as a "white nationalist" these days?

    Step 1: Ensure you are not a "member" of some "protected class". You need not be "white".
    Step 2: Hold a job or be successfully self employed.
    Step 3: Disagree with those wishing to expand and wield the power of state in order to strip you of the fruits of your labor.

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    Hey, they actually interviewed the farm owner and mentioned ANTIFA.

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — The vendor at the center of the farmers’ market controversy in Bloomington denies all ties to white supremacy.

    We sat down with her in an exclusive interview shortly after the mayor held a press conference explaining why the city is suspending the market for two weeks.
    Sarah Dye is the owner of Schooner Creek Farm. She denies all accusations of being tied to white supremacy. However, those claims are what caused protesters on both sides of the issue to show up to the farmers’ market.

    “As an Identitarian and an American, I am disgusted at the level of lies, misinformation, falsehoods, and intimidation by those who do not know me or my family,” said Dye.
    Identitarian is widely defined as a far-right group that campaigns against immigration. Dye defined it as, “a way of viewing the world that emphasizes the importance of identity.”
    She said “Btown Antifa,” a group that self-proclaims on Facebook to fight fascism, has been harassing her and her Schooner Creek family at the farmers market.
    “I have faith that the Bloomington Police Department will do their job and continue to do it well,” said Dye. “We absolutely reject supremacy in all of its forms.”

    Dye is unsure how this became a farmers’ market issue.

    “Have you ever pushed your political views at the farmers market?” asked FOX59 reporter Kayla Sullivan.

    “No, never. I’m just there to sell produce. As I have been for nine years,” said Dye.

    Now, she says she is caught in the middle. The group “Three Percent” reached out to her in response to Antifa’s protests. Dye said she told them police would handle the situation, but they showed up anyway. We talked to the group’s commanding officer, Gary Weddle. He said he and about nine other members showed up in support of the vendor. He did confirm that his group reached out to Sarah Dye after learning about the controversy on Facebook. He said his group has stood up to Antifa in four states, including Indiana.

    Weddle told FOX59 his group did not threaten anyone, but he did say he was armed.

    “Let me state the obvious, when conflict and tension are at gatherings, it is dramatically more difficult when firearms are present and pervasive,” said Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton.

    The city is working on solutions to make the farmers’ market safer. Some vendors think removing Schooner Creek is the best solution.
    “They need to get them out of the market. No one feels safe with them there at the market. Two weeks from now, if they are at the market, it’s not going to matter how many police are around,” said vendor Linda Chapman.

    But removing Schooner Creek Farm may open the city up to an expensive first amendment lawsuit.

    “Maybe that is litigation that needs to be done. Maybe that’s part of all of this white supremacist vs. inclusiveness issue that needs to be aired in the courts,” said Chapman.

    Dye feels that would go against the very nature of what should be an inclusive market.

    “People come to the farmers’ market to celebrate a community event, to enjoy wholesome food and live music and to leave their differences at home, and that’s what we have done for nine years, and that’s what we plan to continue doing,” said Dye.

    We reached out to “Btown Antifa” for comment, but the group said it does not do interviews with the media.

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