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    Charlottesville Thread by Popular Demand.....

    Misguided Youth? True Believers? State of Emergency Declared.

    Charlottesville rally: State of emergency declared - CNN
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    Sounds as if some folks are getting tired of the Free Sπ[t Army.
    Better to go Kamikaze than to go the Flamethrower in a cave treatment! Miguel

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    Democrats trying to hide their racist past brings out Democrats that are proud of their racist past and are fighting with other Democrats that support hiding their racist past.

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    The Trump Presidency

    The gift that keeps giving.

    Former KKK Leader Praises Trump Amid VA Violence.

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    A Clinton Team Virginia Governor...

    Fundraising career and relationship with the Clintons[edit]

    McAuliffe had a prolific fundraising career within the Democratic Party, and a personal and political relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.[13] McAuliffe and his staff raised $275 million, then an unprecedented sum, for Clinton's causes while president. After Bill Clinton's tenure ended, McAuliffe guaranteed the Clintons' $1.35 million mortgage for their home in Chappaqua, New York. The deal raised ethical questions.[27][28] In 2000, McAuliffe chaired a fundraiser with the Clintons; setting a fundraising record of $26.3 million.[29]
    McAuliffe told The New York Times in 1999, "I've met all of my business contacts through politics. It's all interrelated." When he meets a new business contact, he continued, "then I raise money from them."[13] He acknowledged that success of his business dealings stemmed partly from his relationship with Bill Clinton, saying, "No question, that's a piece of it." He also credited his ties to former congressmen Dick Gephardt and Tony Coelho, his Rolodex of 5,000-plus names, and his ability to personally relate to people.[13] In 2004, he was one of the five-member board of directors of the Clinton Foundation.[30] He told New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich in 2012 that his Rolodex held 18,632 names.[31]

    FBI investigation[edit]

    On May 23, 2016 it was reported that McAuliffe was being probed by the FBI "over whether donations to his gubernatorial campaign violated the law." One example cited was a donation of $120,000 from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang. According to CNN, Wang's status as a legal permanent resident of the United States could make the donation legal under U.S. election law.[70]

    Clinton's....The gift that keeps on giving......

    The KKK loves the Clinton's.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by patience0830 View Post
    Thread killing historian.

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    Protests in Charlottesville: Two sides of the same coin clashing.

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    Terry McAuliffe, with that guy you ....

    Always follow the money
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dddrees View Post
    The Trump Presidency

    The gift that keeps giving.

    Former KKK Leader Praises Trump Amid VA Violence.
    Why not? On the national stage there seems to be a large surplus of the message that anyone who happens to be white (along with myraid other 'offenses' as defined by the left) should at minimum be ashamed of who they are and better yet make a full time job out of penance for it. The situation has devolved to the point that it presents a temptation to throw in with the KKK even for those who disagree with most of their values. It seems like a better bet than bowing before the steamroller immediately before getting crushed into the road. It seems like this could lead to a rebirth of the KKK/other similar groups as a political power in the present climate in which being racist and acting on it is only 'offensive' for one group but apparently acceptable from any others.
    Government and pedophiles both practice buggering those powerless to defend themselves.

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    The theme of the original rally was "Unite the Right."

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1DOWN4UP View Post
    Sounds as if some folks are getting tired of the Free Sπ[t Army.
    Who would that be? Maybe I missed something but your comment doesn't make any sense. It sounds like you sympathize with one of these groups. So given how much I'm also tired of the "Free %#€ Army," let me know which one of the groups you're talking about, so I can throw my support behind them. Surely they would embrace my joining the group.

    Kut (lols)

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