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    Politically motivated violence thread

    With how turbulent things have gotten lately, I think it's time for a thread to discuss and keep tabs on incidents of politically motivated violence or threats of violence.

    These types of incidents tend to come from the fringes of both ends of the political spectrum, but let's face it, lately it seems to be coming overwhelmingly from the left.

    This topic had the potential to get heated or touchy, so let's try and keep things rational as to not cause too much heart burn for the mod staff.

    Here's one to start. A guy in California made what boils down to an assassination attempt on a GOP congressional candidate. He was unsuccessful because he tried to stab the candidate with a presumably cheap or crappy switch blade.

    September 11, 2018 - 05:50 PM EDT
    Authorities: California man arrested after trying to stab GOP House candidate

    A California man was arrested after he allegedly tried to stab a Republican that is running for Congress with a switchblade.

    Law enforcement responded to the possible knife attack around 3:45 p.m. on Sunday at the Castro Valley Fall Festival, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said in a Tuesday statement.

    Farzad Fazeli, 35, of Castro Valley, reportedly insulted the GOP and then approached “a political candidate” at his booth in an “aggressive manner,” the statement said.

    The San Francisco Chronicle has identified the candidate as Republican Rudy Peters, a Navy veteran who is running against Rep. Eric Swalwell (D) in the state's 15th District.

    Fazeli allegedly pulled out a switchblade-style knife and tried to stab Peters, but the knife malfunctioned.

    There was a “physical struggle” between the two men before Fazeli fled the scene.
    You may recognize the name of the Dem candidate, Swalwell. He's the guy that came out with the "F**k the NRA" campaign ad a few months back.
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    If I get home before daylight, just might get some sleep tonight.

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    Another incident from today in which someone behind a Democratic Socialist account posted a tweet threatening to shoot up a pro Trump rally being held at a DC hotel tonight.
    If I get home before daylight, just might get some sleep tonight.

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    Do antifa people ever smile?
    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadeye View Post
    Do antifa people ever smile?
    They wear mask. How would we know?
    They say it's to "protect their identity".
    Though, if they had the problems they thought they did, they'd just get shot in job lots.
    Pretty sure Hitler or Stalin wouldn't have been concerned with their "identity".
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    I still care....Really
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    I would like to meet dreamstar. Odd are she/he is 4' nothing and 300 pounds.
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    If an antifa ever tries to mess with me I'll let them know real quick we live in a stand your ground state Real quick. One less vote for the democraps in november.

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    Wow, this guy's a real doozy. Sure he's just some rando on Twitter, but this type of calls for violence are getting more and more prevelant. I reported these to Twitter and tagged the FBI and Secret Service.

    This is just a small selection of the dozen or so screenshots I took from his account. You can see more here. -

    Sorry for the massive sreenshots. Just getting them up to Imgur was a pain in the butt. I didn't want to spend the time to resize them all.

    If I get home before daylight, just might get some sleep tonight.

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    Wow, someone has anger issues.....

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    And soon, a visit from a few U.S. Marshals.

    ​Bullies suck. They also make you stronger.

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