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    Is The Government Shutdown Affecting You Directly?

    I have a couple small contracts with military suppliers, and I'm getting paid.

    I also have a grand-niece, she is TSA, her husband is Coast Guard enlisted and I just had to pay the rent for them, they aren't getting paid but MUST report to work.
    They can't even quit and get new jobs as long as the government is shut down, and they are specifically forbidden to have second jobs.

    The local Coast Guard is paying officers, but the enlisted aren't getting paid since they fall under Homeland security.
    He works the local river port at the locks...

    Now, keep in mind she has student loans, she had to do two years of college and take several classes at her own expense to get the job she has... She's an explosives detection expert.

    These a long hours, low paying, always on call jobs they chose to help people & make everyone safer, and they can't even get food stamps or housing assistance.
    Both have been working double or even triple shifts since so many are 'Sick Outs' and they have to fill in for those that won't work.

    To make things even worse, she has been 'Lent Out' to other airports having to drive as much as 2-1/2 hours each way, at her own expense, to cover for people that won't work...
    She doesn't get paid for the commute, they just tell her to 'Report' to where ever and she's expected to be there.

    I've lent her a high milage, newer car, give her a gas card, and now paid the rent, and keep in mind her student loans not getting paid is jacking up the interest rate and causing late fees/penalities, so she can do a thankless job for NO PAY...

    I'll take them in if needed, but I just think this is serious when they can't pay TSA & Coast Guard.
    Homeland sent them a 'Memo' saying they don't know 'When', or even 'If' they will be paid for the shutdown time, that's up to Congress when the shutdown ends...
    Doesn't matter, their credit ratings are going into the toilet, and in case you don't know, that credit rating is considered when they get security clearance, raises & promotions. Their entire careers are in the toilet right now...

    Also keep in mind that many health care workers FOR the VA are not working. (Contract workers, people & civilian hospitals).
    Our veterans (including me) aren't getting the treatment they need, I'm just lucky I don't have a serious condition at this very moment, but what about the veterans that need serious help RIGHT NOW?

    I don't know, and don't care which side of 'The Wall' you come down on, this is total insanity to NOT PAY these people...

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    Nope. Haven't seen a single difference.
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    I saw on the news a story about the indirect effect of the shutdown in small towns with many of the residents being federal workers. Because they are unsure of when they will get paid again they aren't frequenting local businesses, and those businesses have seen a noticeable drop in revenue. Revenue, unlike the federal workers who will get back pay, they won't recoup.
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    The numbers aren't out for Indiana yet, but I'm watching anyway...

    The people that have to pay taxes weekly, monthly, quarterly is what I'm watching in particular, if that drops significantly then there is a big effect on the economy.
    Sales tax is down, that's a weekly thing, monthly and quarterly will take a bit to find out.
    States that have different tax rules are reporting drops, but we are only 3 weeks into this, only time will tell... I'm not jumping to any conclusions, and frankly I don't have the time to speculate...

    I'm just saying that it's a crying shame the TSA & Coast Guard can't pay their people.
    These are young folks just starting out, and the credit report alone is going to cripple them for at least 7 years, even though they are working when others won't...
    They tried to live on credit cards, always a bad idea, I'm considering paying off her student loan as a wedding present just to get her out from under it, those people are relentless...

    I'm just glad they don't have kids yet! That would make it 20 times worse!


    Crane (Navy) is just up the road, and it doesn't seem like the military contractors are getting hit yet...
    I have a couple little sub contacts with contractors, and they paid right up (Which is good since I have extra expenses).
    The military/contractors are getting paid, but I had no idea the Coast Guard was under Homeland Security and they aren't paying enlisted.
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    Going to be flying to NC for business on Monday.
    Figure it will be more of a pain than usual.
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    No effect on me at all so far...

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    Not affecting me at all.
    Not quite sure why it would affect your grand niece yet as they just missed their first pay check yesterday from what i understand.

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    I haven't noticed anything so far.

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    Nope. NADA.

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    No but I have a couple friends that are going to be if it keeps going this long.

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