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    Creepy Uncle Joe, says...

    Joe Biden says, "It's time to 'take back' the country."

    I agree. Time to take back the country, from the illegal immigrants; from the high-dollar left wingers; from the stupid, deceitful Progressives; and from the totally clueless 'freshmen' Socialists.

    What say you, INGO?
    Teach a kid something wholesome today..... and teach an adult gun safety this week.

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    It is time to take back this country and return the glory to the Grand Republic. The elitists, progressives and socialistic buffoons on all sides need to be shown the act of accountability and responsibilities on the part of the elected/appointed office. The duopoly is the problem and cause of the newly elected dufus'. They are the direct product of the electorate brough about by the elitists themselves. We, the People are the Constitution. Our Republic will stand strong if we keep the so-called democracy at bay. Democracies fail and Republics (in true form), stand strong.~~ "One Man's Opinion!"

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