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    Quote Originally Posted by Kutnupe14 View Post
    The Saudi's aside from lopping your head off, will send people to another country to kill you, cut you up, and sneak you out in several bags. I imagine that not much happens that they don't sanction or care about. It is in the Saudi's best interest to keep the Middle East opposed to us, as they can always play the "good Arab" role.
    My understanding is that while the house of Saud is America friendly the general Saudi population is not. While with Iran the government is anti-American but the population is not necessarily. Sunni or Shia choose your poison I guess.
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    One of the first steps in understanding that situation is to look at actions instead of rhetoric. And trying to find out what the actions actually are aint easy. Trying to figure out who is zionist isn't easy. Trying to find out who's playing what end against the middle aint easy. Sometimes the best you can do is look at whose equipment is in whose military. And even that may be a bit deceiving depending upon who is supplying spare parts to who.

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    How about we give saudi arabia a slap instead of Iran? I promise you, more funding for terrorists we're fighting comes from the saudis than it does Iran.
    Never forget, democrats held American lives hostage, 3 times, in March, 2020.

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    Yes... and who is directing their efforts?
    That web of deceptions is worse than every kid in elementary school being given a can of silly string.

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    Looking at the news on a Arab/Israeli/US backed strike against the Iranian military and what really comes to mind is that (a) Iran was the last nation on the list and (b) all wars are banker wars. Is it really happening or is it bravo sierra from Lafayette?

    And maybe (c), when all else fails in economic matters they take you to war.
    Did you see the story where the fed is pumping 75 billion a day into markets?
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    The UN General Assembly address given by President Trump could fit in on many topics but hey, are you ever wondering about where Iran and Israel fit in on the globalists' game board?

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