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    It is how you do it that counts!

    This thread is about the disparity between, not the rich and the working class, but between the people and their supposed betters.

    I am starting it with this example of how this poor public spirited servant of the people has become extremely wealthy because of his position.

    The Amount Of Money Barry “Spread The Wealth” Is Making & Costing Taxpayers Is Infuriating … How Did He Get So Rich? Here’s What We’re Being Told …

    There are a lot of examples and this is the place to expose/B**** about it.

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    Well. The Obama's are making their money on the open market. People are willing to pay them to speak. According to the article, Barack got $1.3m for just 3 speeches on Wall Street. Michelle is bringing in $225/speech too. Which, I guess disproves the gender pay gap favors men, since the masculine one in this case is making less. But still. I wouldn't say they're making the money dishonestly. If people are willing to pay that, I don't have much to say about it, other than I don't care to hear them speak if they paid me to listen. Except, like if they were gonna pay me $1.3m to listen, I'd probably break down and listen.

    As far as on our dime, I guess you're talking about secret service? Yeah, I think if Obama's going out in a public venue putting himself in more danger such that it's more expensive to protect him, I think the secret service should be reimbursed for that extra expense.
    I have spoken.
    If you’re woke you dig it.

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    Running the HQ for a revolution is very costly.

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