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    Democratic nominees Concord Lexington square

    I wonder where all the Democratic nominees would be standing if they were in 1775 at Concord/Lexington square? Firm beliefs the kings way was best and had total authority? Based on what they
    said and committed to.

    My guess is most not all would be firmly with the kings men.

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    Likely down range from Isaac Davis at a choke point on a bridge.
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    They wouldnt be caught dead out there with those dirty rebels.

    More likely living downtown Boston, complaining about the rebels, licking the boots of Gov Gage.
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    Do you REALLY wonder which side they'd be on?
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    If they were there, they would:
    Have underwear full of excrement and urine.
    Be frantically searching for their non existent cell phones to call for help that would not arrive.
    The remainder would be standing in front of the armed colonials berating them for open carry.
    Those then, would likely, function as primitive body armor as Gage's infantry opened fire on the colonials.


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