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    Pete Viscloski not running for reelection.

    I am starting this here because there is no politics in the break room.

    This is mostly a NWI situation, but it affects the entire country.

    Pete has been a bring home the bacon "big union" guy so he has been unbeatable in this bastion of progressive democrats. He has been an anti-constitutionalist his entire career. Anti-gun, pro-illegal immigration anti anything good pro-abortion.

    His perennial (r)EPUBLICAN (small r) has been Mark Leva. This guy runs for anything that comes up. I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher. I button holed him once and he seems to have no core principles. He is a 911 truther, so, I guess ATM would vote for him.

    Two have thrown their hats in so far.

    Tom McDermott, Great name recognition here in NWI, Hammond mayor, Totally anti-gun. he called himself a Republican until he ran against the incumbent republican for mayor. Rather than a primary race he ran as a democrat. His dad had been mayor as a republican, so he had name recognition.

    Frank Mrvan

    Mrvan, 50, said his other priorities in the House include ensuring economic stability, promoting good jobs, supporting quality education, funding school safety initiatives and impeaching President Donald Trump.
    Here is a guy that wants to be elected in 2020 that alreadt has his sights on inpeaching The President from day one in office.

    What a ******* idiot.

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    Having grown up in Rensselaer in Jasper County, and still have interests there, we had that left wing POS Visclosky for some years in the past.
    That slime ball has always made me want to puke.
    We finally got out of his district some years ago when they redrew the districts.

    All the elections I remember when we were in his district, he'd lose in EVERY county except Lake County.
    But Lake County's votes always overwhelmed the rest of the district, which was a large part agricultural geographically.
    So I always considered Jasper County unrepresented for the most part.
    He didn't care about us.

    I hate to say it, but I'll bet that another Democrat gets elected in the 1st District and little if anything will change.
    One of those "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" deals.
    GCA, Life Member GOA, SAF, NRA & ISRPA

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    It will most likely be McDermott. Total POS just like Pete.

    All I'll have to do is copy my e mails to Pete and paste in McDumba$$ name.

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    Good riddance to the anti 2A POS. He made no bones about his anti stance.

    Unfortunately itís a pretty good bet that his replacement will be at least equally on par with his positions so Iím not really expecting things to change much for the better.

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    How did the NWI region get over run with so many goose stepping socialists.

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    Daley tore down all of the high rise public housing and promised to build housing in nice neighborhoods. LOL

    The did buy a few, but most of the peeps moved here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PistolBob View Post
    How did the NWI region get over run with so many goose stepping socialists.
    Seriously, look at it's proximity to Chicago.

    Don't be that Richard, nobody likes a smart ass Richard, there's way more than we need here.

    Trump reaffirms my decision everyday voting for him as President and my
    reason for voting for him again in 2020.

    Member#630, geez I've been here a while.

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