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Thread: Your life sucks... because of you.

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    Your life sucks... because of you.

    I put this here because every idiot who can't seem to grasp this rather simple concept, seems to think that a political solution is not only required, but the only one available. Someone needs to fix their lives for them... because it's not their fault.

    I would like every high school, and college student in the nation to read this. (and half the adults)
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    Easier for me to understand.
    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadeye View Post
    Easier for me to understand.
    If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn’t

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    Ryan "ElDirector"

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    I used to work with a guy that complained about everything! His favorite topic though was how much his life sucked, from his job to his house to his wife, dog, car. . . . everything about it sucked. I called him out on it one time and reminded him how similar our positions of pay, parenthood, etc were and how well my life was going. He failed to make the connection and kept *****ing for months on end. One day after an extended ***** session during lunch with about 10 co-workers he paused to bum a cigarette from someone. At that point I told him that I believed that if my life sucked as much ass as his did that I'd hunt down and kill the cause of these problems, myself.

    He got up quietly and NEVER complained about anything around me ever again.

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    You can say this 1,000 different ways, but some people are too stupid/blinded/always-victims to see it as truth.

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    I didn't read the article, mostly because the other ones from that site are: "Bring magic to your Instagram feed" and "Choose Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Man You’d Date And We’ll Reveal What It Says About You".

    But you're right, everyone should be given this message, and a refresher from time to time.
    Quote Originally Posted by Abraham Lincoln
    Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?

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    I recently had an employee that couldn't quite grasp this issue. During his last evaluation, i was fed up with trying to spoon feed him this reality and told him something along the lines of "if everywhere you go there is a problem, guess what". He was gone within a couple months... truth of the matter is that i needed to say it about him to understand how toxic he was. I never regretted his invitation to find a new line of work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashby koss View Post
    You can say this 1,000 different ways, but some people are too stupid/blinded/always-victims to see it as truth.
    Maybe they know it but are just trying to avoid taking responsibility

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