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    2020 Election - Battle For The Whitehouse Game

    I had to double check what I was watching on TV when the commercial for this came on. I thought it was maybe an advertisement for an SNL skit or something, but no, it's a real thing.

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    yes very real....but it is a easy game.....

    TRUMP WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "I got a shotgun,rifle and 4 wheel drive and country boy can survive!!!"

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    Mike Pence is the queen. Mikey isn't going to like this one.

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    The Democrat side of the board is checkers.
    When seconds matter the 2nd Amendment matters.

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    Pelosi & Schumer: Jackasses riding jackasses.
    I have spoken.
    If you’re woke you dig it.

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    Proud Member of D.A.D.D.

    Dads against daughters dating.....

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    Taking a perfectly good game and adding dc, bah.
    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

    Marvin the Martian

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    Democratic Nominees

    You will receive two empty podiums to play now. When the democratic nominees are announced, you will be notified to complete your set.
    Well that is prophetic as even after the primaries I expect the democratic podium to be empty.

    I wonder if two empty podiums will be enough to cover all the potential genders.

    While having Pence as queen is a little weird it might just work for Petey B.
    When seconds matter the 2nd Amendment matters.

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    User Info Menu's like a "Woke Civil War Chess Set," where none of the characters own slaves!

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