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Thread: Four Minneapolis officers fired after death of black man

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
    So this air is like stored in a reserve lung for emergencies?
    Look up "constricted airflow " and get back to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoggyDaddy View Post
    Unfortunately incidents like this are to the police community as incidents where some dumbass has left their gun on the table within reach of their kid (that hasn't been taught about guns and safety), who then kills him/her self or a sibling, is to the gun community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutdoorDad View Post
    The officer left his knee on the back of the guys neck, and the guy killed himself with it.

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    I had a link but it has a risky medical picture in it. You can also starve the brain for oxygen by compressing the blood vessels in the neck.

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    I'm just going to address multiple points without multi-quoting.

    There's definitely not enough evidence at this point to charge Murder. Feels based charging leading to acquittals (might as well call it the Zimmerman) is something Minneapolis already knows about from their last feels based charging of an officer. If you're actually against tyranny support the rule of law not your feels.

    The skull is not the neck. Your trachea doesn't run through your ear. However I'll go ahead and say the autopsy results will not show any damage to the trachea and that occlusion of the trachea will not be the cause of death.

    I will also predict that the toxicology report will be consistent with excited delirium cases.

    I will also predict that excited delirium and positional asphyxiation are going to be hot topics in Minneapolis for awhile. This is not new information. You don't hold people down on their stomachs. Once control has been established, you sit them up or lay them on their side. This guy was obviously not fighting any longer, and I can't think of any valid reason I would accept as to why he still needed to be held down, why he was not put into the "recovery position" or into a seated position, and how many different ways they violated their own training and procedures. I don't know, but I bet that's also the reason for the swift firing. Failure to follow procedures, not a criminal act (although that doesn't preclude criminal charges as more information comes to light).
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    And this will only create more situations for the good police to hear the dumbasses screaming, "your killing me!".
    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake.

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    I was having trouble seeing how he was asphyxiated. Paul Harvey.

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    There's a YouTube video. Search George Floyd.
    I posted it but thought it was in bad taste here because he dies in the video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    I'll say what I said on another forum. That's going to end up as a case study on what not to do.
    Like casually putting your hands in your pockets so you look cool? In my mind, that doesnt look good. AT ALL. I'm generally pro police, but if you are sitting there with your knee on the neck of a handcuffed perp, smiling with your hands casually in your pockets, that right there is douchebag activity showing off. The optics are not good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    A confused cop is an arresty cop.
    Quote Originally Posted by hoosierdoc View Post
    also, where do we sign up to touch Frank's equipment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutdoorDad View Post
    Just saying that these high publicity, emotionally charged incidents do a lot of harm to the image of police everywhere (wrongly) just as people doing stupid **** with guns and little kids dying because of it (again, high publicity, emotionally charged) does a lot of harm to the gun owning community. Neither situation is representative of either group, but they give the SJW's and anti-gunners ammo for their disinformation campaigns.

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