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    Anyone following the Bolton fiasco ?

    Iíve caught bits and pieces of John Boltonís interviews on some lib radio and tv stations. Timely now for him since heís hawking his new book. Talk show hosts are playing up the Bolton vs Trump disagreements. Tempest in a teapot ? I also heard some of the info in the book was classified but the Supreme Court isnít going to make Bolton recall all the books and stop selling any additional ? Perhaps there is no such thing as classified information anymore.

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    Well HRC certainly didn't face any consequences for improper use of classified information, I don't expect Bolton will either. Then there was the tranny "soldier" incident. The only people in danger of facing consequences for much in this country are conservatives. The puppet show is getting pretty interesting.
    There's lots of ________ on here who don't fit your particular stereotype, smearing us with goofball sophistry is what is out of line. It just makes gunowners look like *******s.

    - CarmelHP

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    Ark is online now
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    So many of his "tidbits" are hurricane-nuking levels of stupid that it utterly and completely defies logic to believe they stayed under wraps in the leakiest administration in US history.

    Bolton is lying as fast as his lips can move to cash in on that insatiable Orange Man Bad book market.

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    Oh, John Bolton, not Michael Bolton.

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    Trump - if Bolton is such a loser, why did you hire him?
    Bolton - if Trump is incapable of leading or being president, why did you agree to work for him?
    Rights are only as secure as the ability to wield sufficient force to defend them. - J. Neil Schulman

    ďThere's nothing wrong with the country a bad recession couldn't fix.Ē - Irving Kristol

    "He's not a tame lion..."

    1 Samuel 13:19

    Psalm 149:6

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    Caught a little bit of Bolton's initial salvo and haven't bothered since.

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    Used to think Bolton was OK if not a little bit too hawkish. Comes out the guy is as bad as any lib phony.

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    He's taking his orders.
    Heh, wonder if that's so in more ways than one!

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    Always follow the money

    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

    Marvin the Martian

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