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Thread: CA: Santa Clara County Sheriff's supporters indicted for selling CC permits

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    CA: Santa Clara County Sheriff's supporters indicted for selling CC permits

    The indictment marks the first criminal case to come out of a decade’s worth of complaints regarding political favoritism in [Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie] Smith’s issuing of the hard-to-get concealed-carry permits. [Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff] Rosen said Friday that an 18-month investigation uncovered a two-tiered policy for the concealed gun permits: a process for regular citizens whose applications were destined for a filing cabinet, and another for VIPs whose applications were fast-tracked for approval.
    A Sheriff's captain, two attorneys, and a "gun parts maker", political supporters of the Sheriff, were indicted on felony charges. The Sheriff herself was not indicted at this time, but the DA said, "We are not done."

    The specific scheme covered by the indictments is said to be political donations by executive security company based in Seattle, apparently with clients like Jeff Zuckerberg, in exchange for the security company employees (about 10 or so) getting concealed carry permits. The story says the employees were directed to fill out permit applications with false info indicating they were county residents. No indictments of company yet, but again DA says more charges are coming.

    The Sheriff's captain is also charged with falsifying proficiency tests for six other people not related to the security company, including an county supervisor. It seems they were getting renewals without having to complete the required range test.

    Santa Clara County issues only about 150 permits per year total.

    Lots more at the link, RTWT.

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    Guns for me (or my bodyguards) but not for thee. Typical progressive hypocrisy
    Just because individuals make poor decisions it doesn't mean governments make better ones

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    When you put the rights of citizens behind a paywall, with limited accountability, what do you expect will happen?

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    This is basically how it was in MI before 'shall issue' happened.

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    Gun laws=springboard for corruption.

    Always have been, always will be.
    I told you to buy ammo, mags and lowers. Get on it.

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    Yep, every state is not a shall issue state has corruption along these lines. It's just a matter of exposing it.
    Nothing is everything, but everything is something. - Ayoob

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirk Freeman View Post
    Gun laws=springboard for corruption.

    Always have been, always will be.
    This x100

    And it's not just limited to gun laws.

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    I seem to remember this happening in New York and New Jersey.

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