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    Each of us should be calling our State Representatives and State Senators to demand nullification of the Health Care bill in the Indiana General Assembly.

    “The several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government.”
    –Thomas Jefferson

    Health Care Nullification: Things have just gotten underway|Tenth Amendment Center

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    Letter to My State Representative

    Mr. Espich,
    I strongly encourage you to pursue passage of legislation that would Nullify any sort of general Nationalized Health Care. The precedent of nullification was set forth by Jefferson and Madison (Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions). It is the responsibility of the state legislatures to rescind Federal legislation when it is in contradiction to the U.S. Constitution, and poses a danger to the citizens of your state.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Merry Christmas
    With heart-felt Sincerity,

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    Nullification did not work out real well for South Carolina in reference to the tariff of 1828. That pesky little thing called the Civil War did not work out infavor of states rights either, which is nullification.

    Not a supporter of the Health Care reform that is being attempted, but states rights has been tried and failed before. The Federal government has grown in size and power tremendously since the 1860's. Going to be difficult to prevail in that regard now.
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    Senator Gard,

    Thank you for your vote for SR42 urging our Federal government to cease and desist government mandates exceeding their authority under the 10th amendment to the US constitution.

    Unfortunately our appeal, and that of many other states, continue to be ignored. It now appears that passage of health care reform is imminent despite widespread dissent from the people. This additional entitlement will be the final straw that secures the insolvency of the United States.

    Furthermore our Federal Treasury and Federal Reserve have embraced moral hazard such that the security and value of our currency and economic stability are in dire risk. Against the will of the people, corporations and banks have been determined "too big to fail" which in turn has created massive inequity in our fair market system and in effect allows these organization to extort the United States.

    Unfortunately it is time for our sovereign States to reassert its powers. We are experiencing the most significant political crisis since the Civil War.

    I urge you to sponsor legislation nullifying the most egregious forms of the federal government overreaching its powers under the 10th amendment. It is time to put action behinds the words of SR42. These nullification efforts should include heath care reform and assertion of Constitutional Tender.

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