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    Puerto Rico Statehood Being Pressed

    Looks like congress is poised to enact legislation that would fast track the PR for statehood. The legislation would even allow Puerto Ricans who are non residents (and may not have been residents for decades) to vote on the issue. I'm ambivalent on the matter myself, but it would be a financial drain on the federal treasury and hence on us, as well. The idea that the other states should receive a vote on the PR's admission is repugnant, tho. No other possession, territory or commonwealths admission rested on approval of the other states. PR should be no different.
    The Heritage Foundation is off on this one. The bad part of the issue is the legislators doing this the way they are. If the people of PR wish to join, (which they haven't in the past) then it should be solely up to them. They have clearly been satisfied with their status. They'll change it when they wish, too.

    via The Heritage Foundation (and Facebook)

    According to Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD), the House will vote on H.R. 2499, the Puerto Rico Democracy Act, later this week. The legislation provides Puerto Rico a two stage voting process and makes some non-resident Puerto Ricans eligible to vote on Puerto Rican statehood. This legislation has rigged the process in favor of making Puerto Rico the 51st state and is not a fair way to force statehood on a Commonwealth whose people may not want it. Furthermore, this may be an expensive proposition for the American people who are already on the hook for approximately $12.9 trillion in national debt.
    This bill attempts to rig the voting process and denies the American people a real say on the issue of whether they want to allow Puerto Rico to be granted statehood. The fact of the matter is that Puerto Ricans have rejected statehood numerous times and this bill seems to have been written in a way to fast track statehood without a majority of Puerto Ricans favoring the idea. Furthermore, the people of the United States should be allowed a vote on whether they want to admit Puerto Rico as a new state. If the people of Puerto Rico can vote, the people of the United States should have a vote.
    The legislation contains many questionable provisions. First, the legislation sets up a voting process rigged for success. The legislation sets up a preliminary vote and the voters are given two options. If a majority of Puerto Ricans vote in favor of changing the status of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to “a different political status,” then a second vote would be scheduled to poll voters on the following three options:

    1. “Independence: Puerto Rico should become fully independent from the United States;”
    2. “Sovereignty in Association with the United States: Puerto Rico and the United States should form a political association between sovereign nations that will not be subject to the Territorial Clause of the United States Constitution;” and,
    3. “Statehood: Puerto Rico should be admitted as a State of the Union.”

    Clearly, a plurality of the people of Puerto Rico could vote for “Statehood” without a majority of the people voting ever supporting the idea. The people of Puerto Rico have rejected statehood three times and it seems that this vote is set up to allow a simply plurality of the people to carry the day.
    Another odd provision allows non-resident Puerto Ricans to vote on statehood for the Commonwealth. The bill states that “all United States citizens born in Puerto Rico who comply, to the satisfaction of the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission, with all Commission requirements (other than the residency requirement) applicable to eligibility to vote in a general election in Puerto Rico.” Residency requirements may be waived, because Puerto Ricans living in the states would naturally favor statehood for the Commonwealth.
    Read the rest at the source.

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    if i lived in PR and saw the way things are going politicaly in the US right now, id avoid statehood like the plague

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    Don't the majority of PRicans NOT want Statehood?

    Their situation now comes with all the benefits and none of the responsibilities (tax-wise).

    Whatever goes on, it needs to be handled by the Puerto Ricans first and foremost. If they want state-hood, by whatever voting margin it takes, THEN present it to the rest of the states for a vote. And then, if 2/3 (or whatever) of the states' populations say yes, then we'll have our next state.


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    Every PR I have ever served with despises the idea of Statehood. The would have to start paying all kinds of Fed Taxs...
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    The power grab continues. Give PR statehood. Give DC a couple votes in the House. Give the illegals citizenship so they can vote. Give ex-cons the right to vote. You have to give them credit for how brazen they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E5RANGER375 View Post
    if i lived in PR and saw the way things are going politicaly in the US right now, id avoid statehood like the plague
    i'm sure there will be "deal sweeteners".

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy View Post
    Every PR I have ever served with despises the idea of Statehood. The would have to start paying all kinds of Fed Taxs...
    I've had the same experience. Leave it up to them and it won't happen.
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    Good news - obama is actually a fortune teller.
    He was channeling the future while on the campaign trail.

    YouTube - Obama 57 States

    This would be 51 - we can squeeze in another 6 or 7 easy from some of the 3rd world holes around the world that are FULL of eager voters.

    Make that 57 come true.

    I'ma get my tax check now please.
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    Just like they had to add a northern and a southern state simultaneously back in the 19th century, we should force conservative states to divide to balance the new liberal ones. East and West Texas. North and South Utah. Etc.
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    Let 'em in the Union but only if they agree to rename the state "INGOnistan".


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