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    My hunting boots STINK!!! ever since they got wet

    ok i know i am going to get a lot of wise guy responses here but you will have that.

    OK i went hunting the other morning and it rained on us all morning. my boots were soked. the are leather wolverine durashocks. and i came home and put them in the dryer a little bit and set them out so they would be dry when i went hunting that evening.
    well now the smell bad like really bad. now the did not stink before that. does anyone know what to do to take care of this. they are like $150 dollar pair of boots so i dont really want to throw them away.

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    Id never put boots or shoes in a dryer, thats just me. I have used a hair dryer before and will never do that again because the heat tends to make it smell worse.

    I think a lot of it is water that is knda nasty that has dried in/on the boot/shoe.

    Id get some non scented liquid soap that is leather safe and water and scrub them down then rinse, whipe down with a towl and let air dry..... That should take care of most of it. If the inside of the boot smeels then try some fabreeze.

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    Try changing the insole pads out, but I suspect that's not going to remedy the situation. Smell = bacteria and since they're leather the smell is probably from that bacteria infiltrating the animal skin. Last resort, put them in an oven hot enough to kill the bacteria but not melt any rubber, nylon, plastic parts and let them cook awhile. Here's the hang-up, I have no idea how hot or for how long. You may be able to find out such information on the web someplace. After you do this, the leather will need to be "revived" with some good leather conditioner. My experience doing this poject is purely based on how I've saved baseball gloves in the past, but I would assume it would work on boots. too. BUT NO may just be better off buying a new water-proof pair of kickers!

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