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    state specific GPS software

    Anyone try this new state specific GPS software yet ? It is supposed to show property boundaries, even for private property , I am curious to know if it is accurate. I saw it advertised in a Cabelas catalog, it cost $99 for a micro SD card.
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    Not having used the product I can't know how it performs, but property boundaries are public information in most states. Most also make such data available via GIS servers and they are the likely source of Hunt GPS' information.

    Buying a snapshot on an SD card seems a losing proposition as land changes hands often. Or is put to varying purposes over the years. I've owned several parcels across several states and have lost track of how many third parties have expressed shock that their access had been revoked.

    When hunting property that isn't mine I usually consult state GIS data and using it to mark the longitude and latitude of the boundary points. The most useful presentation of Indiana's data that I've found is at eGIS by 39 DEGREES NORTH
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    I have the Hunting GPS Maps card for my Garmin. It works well but Like Yeah says, not all of the data is accurate. But it is a good starting point so that you can verify the information at your local courthouse on current plat maps.

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    Thanks Yea, that site was what I was looking for, I really wanted to know the names of the property owners around my new property, since I am not from that area and a new land owner, I think it might be helpful during hunting season. I kind of had doubts as to where the actual property line to the south of my land was. I'd like to put in the grid coordinates for all 4 property markers so it can show up on my GPS and I know for sure how close I am to boundaries.

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