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Thread: bow help....

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    Not to purposely copy cat anything that anyone else has stated but to mainly reinforce the previously stated posts by everyone especially JeremiahJohnson and Kernal1984's posts.

    Sounds like the carbon arrow was under spined for the poundage your shooting. Shooting too light a weight arrow (under spined) can be just as bad as dry firing a bow and in some cases worse. Take everyones advice and Get it to a archery shop before you shoot it again.

    Getting hurt when shooting a bow, especially just getting into it, is not something I like to see anyone have to experience. SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!!! Priority number one!!

    I don't have any actual pics of my "accident" but lets just say it looked a little like the picture that Kernal1984 posted.. My Goldtips were correctly spined and my bow was properly tuned, set up correctly, and everything was in excellent working order. I didn't notice though, that one of my arrows had developed stress cracks in the carbon and had lost its spine, presumably from shooting it a thousand times over.
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