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    its really a shame people are like that, no respect, sorry to hear about incident, gives hunters a bad rep, problem is they arent hunters, they are poachers and tresspassers.

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    Ran into similar situation few years back.
    Sitting in my blind during bow season on MY property, guy pulls up and walks to the fence edge and starts yelling, "I'm hunting on HIS property." I explained it was my property and unless he is married to my wife or her brother or my brother, "that you would be incorrect. He began to get aggressive in his manner and clinched fists. Well, my Beretta was out and ready just in case. After I explained again, it was mine, he changed it to I was parked on his property. I was parked on my wifes cousins property, about a mile away. After I asked if he was my wifes cousin, he just shouted that "You're not the only MF who hunts here." I told him, "I am now." and got out of my blind with pistol at my side. He bolted and drove away. DNR later caught him poaching on my neighbors property to my south. He was a resident of Cass county penal system for a while. He had even put up a perminate tree stand, and well built out of wood I might add.

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