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    I mean, a single bear walked into Indiana and the whole state new about it within 24 hours. But, no one has any evidence of an entire breeding population of Sasquatch?
    Bigfoots don't breed. They are assembled in an intergalactic factory. They are cyborgs designed to spy on Earth for their alien masters. They were supposed to be human looking, but there was a little translation issue between the scouts and the engineers.
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    Let me preface this post with this: I'm not saying "bigfoot" does NOT exist. Stranger things have happened. There is certainly evidence of SOMETHING, but nothing that can rise to the level of certainty.

    So, my background on the matter: I had a passing interest in cryptozoology for a couple of decades. Followed things like Bigfoot, Lock Ness, Champ, etc... Probably one of the reasons I studied Biology in college. Took courses in Ecology, Environmental Ecology, Populations, etc... Gave me what I believe is a pretty decent foundation, but by no means am I at the same level as a Ph. D..

    So, that said, on the topic of a large bipedal primate, I tend to look at not just the reports, but what it would take to support such a beast. What is their likely habitat? Food sources? Range? How many individuals would it take to support a stable population? When are they most active? For these questions, the best approach is to look at known analogs. If we want to stick to semi-bipedal, that leaves us with Lowland Gorillas, Chimpanzees (too small, really), and Orangutans (more arboreal, but close). Habitats are all dense jungles. All pretty warm, and wet. Lots of food sources, as anything this size needs considerable calories. Fruits and the like are staples, though meat is not unheard of. In the search for food, their ranges are on the order of 2.5 to 5 square miles. Orangutans, being climbers, can travel much farther. Both the gorillas and the chimps stay primarily is family groups. Orangs tend to be more solitary. Research shows populations need to be larger than about 250 individuals to be "healthy". Smaller leads to too little genetic diversity. And finally, all Great Apes are active during the day, and not at night. Most forage in the morning and evening, rest during the heat of the day, and nest at night.

    So, I would expect "bigfoot" to fall somewhere into the description above. Similar in most ways, different in a few. For its reported size, it would need on the order of 10,000 calories worth of fruit per day, year around. It seems to be a loner, so a range of healthy adults, at the low end, would need to be 625 square miles, with an adult every 2.5 square miles. On the high end, 1,200 square miles with an adult every 5 miles. And that is for a just barely healthy population of 250 adults.

    So, this is why I start getting skeptical, especially in highly populated places like Indiana. There just isn't anywhere for that many large primates to hide. Even the most remote parts of the state have several people per square mile. Sure there are "sightings". But no one seems to have a working camera (they are all blurry, every time). No skeletons. No carcasses. No scat. Some footprints, maybe. Some hair, that can't be fully identified. People keep having "sightings" at night, but it is extremely rare for large primates to be active at night.

    BUT.. that's why I pointed our Russia. We KNOW there was a hominid species there, living alongside modern humans, only a few thousand years ago. The area is INCREDIBLY remote. Not much in the way of food for a large primate, but, well, it could still work. Maybe a small population is still holding on?

    And I suppose my skepticism could be fueled by the current crop of TV shows. They paint "bigfoot hunters" as a bunch of buffoons. At least the few specials on NatGeo and Science have tried to be scientific. Unfortunately, they are either denied access to any real data, of the data they collects turns out to disprove "bigfoot" (hair that ends up being from a horse, for example).

    I'm not saying you shouldn't believe. Heck, my wife LOVES this stuff, and believes it with all her heart. And, winning me over is EASY. Bring me some DNA, a skeleton that can be dated and reconstructed, or the living breathing beast in the flesh.
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    Bigfoot makes cash.

    Always follow the money
    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

    Marvin the Martian

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    why is everyone scared of a convenience store.....
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    I have been in the field from coast to coast over the years. Spent weeks alone in the high country and woods. The only one I have seen is when I took my boots off before crawling into the tent.

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    First let me apologize in advance for the playful pranking of a 16-23 year old.

    During high school I worked as a lifeguard at the local state park. Having access to the art department and the wood shop plus a copier and a projector we successfully made BIG FEET right and left. For the next several years muddy trails in the state park were tracked with BIG FEET. Senior year a smaller set was produced. So we had momma and daughter BIG FEET. These feet did travel the state and went on vacations with several people in several states. This started in 1980 and ended when the feet were lost during a greatful dead concert in 1987 in Ohio. Reports in the state park were rampant and I do not think they ever saw us doing the prints.

    So if you were one of the Mounds state park visitors who were pranked with BIG FEET please forgive us. We also took a garden gnome for photos all over the place and then sent him home to the owner in a suitcase with pictures and stickers of his travels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by printcraft View Post
    I've seen one dancing!

    so she's aunt bunny??.....(think Eddie Murphy..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmschuller View Post
    so she's aunt bunny??.....(think Eddie Murphy..)

    She got more than a mustache........
    Quote Originally Posted by SkinNFluff View Post
    At a family gathering, my sister was getting ready to leave. She walked up and gave me a hug and said "Your phone is poking me." I smiled and replied simply with "That's not my phone".
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    ...he said alright sir and shaked my hard and said he has respect...
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow8088 View Post
    I cocked my head to the side a little and was admiring his piece.

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    Saw a yeti in the back of a truck. It was filled with beer.

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    I'm not sure if I have or not.

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