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    Coyote rifle (what caliber)

    For those of you who hunt coyotes, what caliber would you choose if that was the guns only purpose?


    Does anyone have any comments on T/C's Deminsion rifles?

    Been asked to take out a growing pack of trouble makers and looking into a rifle setup.


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    Master w_ADAM_d88's Avatar

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    Would depend on the terrain and the range of the closest/farthest shot.

    Already have an AR? The AR (.223/5.56) is a good coyote round with quiet a bit of distance. The semi-auto and mag capacity also allows for quick follow up shots.
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    Hubby uses a .223 varmint rifle.

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    flat terrain with maybe a 2-300 yard setup. Asking because I do not know, but what would have that good front shoulder knock down power at that yardage with a smaller cartridge. What is a 6.5 creedmoor compaired to a .243.

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    I have whacked them with several different kinds of guns.

    Open country 2-3 hundred yards I would go 22-250 or possibly check into 204 Ruger. That's what I would recommend if you are saving pelts. If not Blas away with what you already have. As others have mentioned 223 is also a nice choice. With today's projectiles it can reach out. All depends on if your a handloading guy.
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    .243 58 grain Winchester VarmintX
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    204 ruger is a wonderful coyote rifle. Low recoil, not too loud and fur friendly if you're saving pelts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by den57 View Post
    .243 58 grain Winchester VarmintX
    this.....they don't like them at all....
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    I used a 222 for years and my shots were all under 150 yards. It did great for calling yotes and fox kills.
    I was given a nice 22-250 by my neighbor for killing so many yotes and ground hogs. Good caliber but a bit more than I needed.
    I bought my first .243 in '89 and haven't looked back. It's my favorite caliber for any game or varmit local to us around here.
    That being said... I keep an AR at the doors just for yotes and bad persons.
    The cost of shooting AR rounds is cheap. I like that.
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    I like ARs for yotes. Have a good scope though. That said I've been eying a 30-30 for general farm duty.

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