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    Trespassers and truth benders

    One of our family farms is a county away, we don't live there and can't watch over it like we should. This farm was purchased 30+ years ago and has been surveyed twice. Sunday evening my Dad (owner) was out for the final day of firearms season. At about 5:20 prime time, a quad came down through the woods b line to a stand that was placed on our cornfield. Dad, wanting to see who this was, walked up to the stand.

    The guy asks Dad what he is doing, Dad explains he was trying to enjoy the last evening of season until a quad came through the woods to him. This random dude goes on to explain that the stand is his cousins (owner of neighboring property) and that he was checking to see if his cousin killed anything. He then questioned Dad on how he knew he was on the right property. Dad is easy-going and one thing that really pisses him off is to question his ownership of property. This questioning will throw him into a rant about paying for two surveys, 3 decades of ownership and paying property taxes. Wish I could've been a squirrel on a tree and heard that blow up.

    Yesterday evening I met Pops out at the farm to re-mark the property line, the orange t-posts weren't enough, and remove the stands, one stands 400+ feet over the line, another 30 feet. We didn't take the stands, just placed them across the line on the atv road the guy made. On our way out I found a trail camera on a scrape on out another 100 yds onto our property. Before I head home I swing up the owners house to give him the camera and explain what is going on.

    He went on to say that he does not hunt or own a stand, and that the guy is not his cousin. Just the neighbors boy that lives in Columbus. Needless to say the owner is now pissed that this all took place and went on to explain how he showed him the lines and informed him that the stand he had 30' from the line was on us not him. Based on the neighbors demeanor I think this dude mighta lost his hunting spot. In addition to bending the truth he was dumb enough to put his name inside the trail camera cover and write "Do not steal you bastards" I got it for now, tried giving it back to his mom but she wouldn't answer the door.

    People amaze me.

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    I Care...Really
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    People no longer amaze me. We are well past that.

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    Some people seem to think anything outside of someone's actual yard is all indian land that anyone can use.

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    Notify the sheriff of what happened. That way if dude comes back, there is already a report. Also bolo for shennanigans. He may come back and start cutting fences, dumping ****, stealing stands, etc.

    It may be worth telling the dnr also.

    I also own property away from home. The easiest way for me to keep an eye on it is to let a neighbor hunt it. He's thrown a few people out each year for me.

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    ^^^^ we didn't take the stands for that very reason, don't want to start a war. Still gonna try to give camera to his mom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yetti462 View Post
    ^^^^ we didn't take the stands for that very reason, don't want to start a war. Still gonna try to give camera to his mom.
    Put your own cameras up. Hide them well.
    Amazing Grace, how sweet was her sound.

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    Sounds like there is a good chance he's lost his ability to hunt there. Unfortunately, as happens way too often, these idiots screw it up for everyone else in the process. I'm sure the neighbor will think twice before allowing anyone else to hunt their property now. This is why we can't have nice things.
    There's lots of ________ on here who don't fit your particular stereotype, smearing us with goofball sophistry is what is out of line. It just makes gunowners look like *******s.

    - CarmelHP

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    I am guessing the guy will get an earful from your neighbor if he ever comes back
    Ephesians 5 & 6

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    I have a BIL just like this guy. He thinks mushroom hunting gives him license to go on anyone's land. He was visiting the MIL over by Valpo and decided to go 'shroom hunting. He was outraged that a guy pulled a gun on him when he showed up in his back yard and then told him he didn't have the right to any mushrooms growing there. He even argued with they guy and got offensive until the homeowner offered to call the police for him. I tried to explain to him what an idiot he is but it's a useless endeavor.
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    These stories have convinced me that I can't afford to buy a piece of land until I can also afford to install a substantial fence around its perimeter.

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