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    "Primitive" Coyote Hunting: Still Possible?

    Based on what I read and see on TV, using night vision, thermal, electronic calls, etc. can really enhance your chances when attempting to save the world from the evil coyote menace.

    So is it worth someone's time to try with just their rifle, some binocs, and patience?

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    A few weeks ago, I set up a bait pile behind my house. I also put a motion detector by the bait pile, and it's interesting what I've seen. First of all, coyotes don't run like clock work. I've had them come in at 9:00 one night, 3:00, 10:30, 2:00, 4:30 - completely random times. Second, they don't stick to a schedule. They've come in 2-3 days in a row and then don't show up for a few days. I've only shot twice and got the two I shot, so their schedule isn't because I'm scaring them off.

    Also, coyotes don't stick to much of a pattern coming into a location, so setting up on a stand would require some luck. You need something to get them curious enough to come in.

    So, yes, you could PROBABLY set up somewhere and pop one, but don't be surprised if you don't.

    You don't have to have high dollar stuff to hunt. A mouth call costs $10-20.

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    I just use a rabbit in distress mouth call and an battery powered rabbit decoy. Sub $60 setup.

    I donít care to hunt if itís much above 10 degrees. My opinion is theyíll get hungry and stupid when itís cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post
    "Primitive" Coyote Hunting: Still Possible?
    I hear ChurchMouse still uses a club.

    I have never been out officially hunting for yotes but I've killed plenty while walking around my house. I lived in the mountains out west. The farthest one I hit was maybe 75+ yards (lucky) from my backdoor and the closest was literally 10 feet from the front door. One I got from inside my living room through the screened window as he stared down my girl on her swing set. Those days I was carrying a small Colt Officers 45.

    I do need to add - my x-wife always put little bells on all the outdoor cats we had so of course the coyotes put our house on their scheduled rounds after the first cat went missing. Poor little guys didn't have a chance. They were wearing dinner bells. And Yes- X-wife that *****!
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    While I've not killed a lot of coyotes all the ones I have killed have been either by rolling up on them in an ATV or out of a deer stand. Someday I'm going to get some calls and try it for real.
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    Thanks for the responses, guys!

    "The people shall have a right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State."
    Article 1 - Bill of Rights - Section 32


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    I now you have turkey out of the smoker eat what you can from it.

    Take that turkey left over (bones skin ect) and stake it down in the ground tied around the bones. Road kill of any kind works also.
    They will find it quick. If you donít stake it down they will carry it off. Even if you donít see them on the bones they will come in quick to a coyote call around the area. Stake the area with road kill often if possible. The packs will start to look at the area as free lunch.

    Now there is old school also. Place rifle and binoís In car. Drive in the am and PM in areas you can hunt. See coyote note the dirrection of travel get in front and wait for it to come around. In snow if you cross the tracks follow to the coyote.

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    Just don't try to track'll never walk as far as they will in a day.

    As far as just sitting up with a gun...might as well go for a walk in the woods. Either way it's a day out of doors to enjoy whether you get anything or not.
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    First coyote I killed was several years ago, right after Indiana started allowing handguns for deer hunting.
    I was walking the edge of a corn field when I saw a coyote loping across the other end of the field, some 60-65 yards away.
    I stopped and leveled my Mossberg 12ga 500 and got what I thought was a good sight picture. Squeezed the trigger and that coyote just stood there looking at me!

    I have no idea if I was high, low, left or right, only that I missed.
    I very slowly knelt down and laid my Mossberg down in front of me.
    I reached back on my belt and pulled out a 4" barreled Taurus .357magnum revolver.
    One shot and that coyote started running in circles and yelping loudly.
    Dropped after about 3 or 4 circles.

    Second (and only other) coyote I ever killed was this past December.
    I was sitting in a ground blind watching for deer when two coyote ran a trail not 15 feet in front of me.
    They were moving at a dead run. I didn't really get a chance to get a decent shot at the first one, but the second one took a 325gr .50cal Powerbelt to the upper chest.
    He rolled down the hill and the first one was long gone.

    Yes, it's possible, just not real probable.
    I have started carrying a smaller second firearm for the next coyote that runs by.
    I was a little upset that I had to use a .50cal, but it happened so fast...
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    Got a bud that uses mouth calls. That and a rifle. He kills em regularly on public ground.
    But he's a badass.

    I use a cheap electronic caller and connect once in a great while (hunting high pressure areas).
    Haven't been yet this yr due to weather and injury. Hopefully get out soon.

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