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    5 Birds in 3 Days in Kansas and Nebraska - All Archery Head Shots

    Thought I would share the beat down from earlier last week. I made my annual trip to hunt Kansas with my buddy Matt and then went up to Nebraska for some hunting on a new property that I found. Needless to day it was a crazy three days of hunting with five birds put down in three days of hunting. I left Nebraska early due to storms rolling in or a sixth bird would have been put down.

    I put one bird down on Monday right out of the gate, as we pulled a pair of toms from over 500 yards away off of a big group of hens. They saw that White Face Strutter from DSD from 500+ yards and it was game over. They ran almost the entire way to my setup. I tried to double with one shot, but ended up with just one bird who had severe beard rot, but 1 3/8" sharp spurs.

    I put a second bird down on Tuesday mid morning, after missing a chip shot at him earlier. There were just too many eyes. At one point we had 40+ hens and 5 toms all in an area from 3 yards to 30 yards in front of us. Kansas is just nuts. I finally got a nice shot at him at 20 yards in full strut and dropped him in his tracks. Matt put down his bird a couple hours later on a crazy walking away shot, after he had missed a chip shot at the same bird just minutes before.

    On Wednesday morning, I made my way to northern Nebraska on the Missouri River. I had to run into South Dakota for lunch and gas then return to the the state. Less than 3 hours after returning to Nebraska I doubled on a pair of nice toms. These toms showed up about 90 minutes into my first sit and strutted/gobbled at 300 yards out for about 30 minutes. Then all of the sudden they dropped out of strut and ran to the new DSD Motion Mating Pair setup. At 7 yards I dropped the first and then immediately followed up and shot his buddy at 8 yards. All done with a few hours left for pictures and to enjoy a few cold ones watching the sun set.

    If you are into vids ... here are the two states of hunts. Multiple camera angles and head chops! I am already looking forward to 2019!

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    BOOM!!! Nice work, congrats!!! You’re definitely having better luck than we have been here in TN and KY.
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    Looks like a good time!

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    Hard to beat Kansas, Looking like Nebraska has potential. Good job!!

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    I was just talking to Anspach about this, he said you had a video !
    Sounded pretty cool from his description .
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    DAMN, that is awesome! I don't turkey hunt, but this is definitely making me want to start!
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    you guys hunt private land over there? do you have to have someone set up blind ahead of time? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallpaulr View Post
    you guys hunt private land over there? do you have to have someone set up blind ahead of time? thanks
    I hunt all private land through years of networking connections. Regarding the blind ... no ... I carry everything in, set it up, and hunt it right away.

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