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    Old does have more knowledge than young bucks, but still seem to retain more curiosity in their instincts than do old bucks. If you're ready-with-intent, and camoflaged even halfass well, most does will still give you time for a shot, even if you're busted.

    Just yesterday, in nothing but ATACS fatigues, gloves, and facemask/boonie, I met a 1.5 year old 6 pointer along a field of standing corn. I paused on my walk, but he walked directly toward me from 1 o'clock through 3 foot brush. Reaching about 25 feet, he was concerned. Being the cautious young fellow he was, he proceeded on into the complete open of blown-down corn, and circled me at 20 feet or so to get downwind at my 9:30. Only THEN did he trust his first instinct that something might'a been amiss. For a minute, being rut, I thought he was going to ask directions to the local strip club.

    Old bucks do none of this.

    They make mistakes sometimes and a guy gets lucky. But if you want to be "pretty good" at killing them on a regular basis, you're gonna have to figure out how to consistently present them with input situations their evolution and instincts can't overcome.

    It's also helpful to become a helluva lot more conservative on what you "think will work fine".

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    our hunting mistakes should be its own thread.

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    Doubt you are the only "moron" here. I, for one, have been one while hunting. I've often thought about a comfy "booth" but still hang off a tree as long as my body can take it.
    "Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway" - John Wayne

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