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    Firearm regulations.

    Going out for firearm season this Saturday. Which to the best of my knowledge durning the two weeks of firearm season you can only shoot a buck. Iíve been told by two different people that you can hunt for does as well during normal gun season. They swear up and down that I donít know what Iím talking about. I read the DNR website but I didnít read anything that clearly says you can or canít. Am I completely wrong? Or are these guys feeding me bad information?

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    Bad info. Only one antlered for the whole season, antlerless number depends on your location and license, but it's at least 2.
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    One regular antlered deer per person per year notwithstanding reduction zones and extra DNR allowed hunts (i.e. state park). At least two does per person with several counties having expanded numbers allowed. I will always urge everyone to sit down and read the literature for yourself though despite what you hear from your buddy, read on the internet, etc.

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    If you are hunting with a deer license bundle you can take does as bonus antlerless, but if you are on a firearms license you are bucks only.

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    Firearm license covers one antlered deer
    If you want a need to buy a bonus doe tag.

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    Landowner tag=shoot what you wanna eat?
    Just call me lollipop.

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    So to make sure I under stand. I have have an Indiana $65 hunting bundle and I am allowed to shoot a doe tomorrow if I see one?

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    With the bundle you are allowed 1 antlered and 2 antlerless. See link on DNR website below:

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    I have a lifetime license. I can harvest whatever the law allows under current licensing provisions. For once I did the smart thing when the lifetime license was still available.

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    I know I can take two does and a bucks. But I was told Iwasnít allowed to shoot does in gun/rifle season even with the bundle
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