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Thread: 130yo sturgeon

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    130yo sturgeon

    Not Indiana, but still impressive.

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    Wow, that's an awesome fish. I speared a northern pike once (also not in indiana) , but that was nothing compared to this thing!

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    I am not trying to stir the pot or agitate anyone with my thoughts on this.

    I know it is 100% legal. I know it is a fun tradition and sporting activity but I struggle with killing something that is older than you. This is just the way I am.

    This fish was alive when James Garfield was president and Jessy James was still holding up stagecoachs.

    As said amazing fish, congratulations to the fisherman but it still makes me sad about the loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobjones223 View Post
    ...I struggle with killing something that is older than you. This is just the way I am...
    I feel similarly about middle-aged obese guys (who couldn't run a mile or do a pull-up if their life depended on it) go to Africa and kill apex predators, for fun, at a distance, without putting their own lives in any danger whatsoever. It might be legal, but something feels seriously 'effed up about it.

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    I agree
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    I don't really see the point of killing the fish either. The older I get, the more sensitive I get about killing stuff.

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    I was going to judge, but then I looked down at the plate of bacon and eggs that my wife brought me.

    That pig could have been spectacular, but to me it's only bacon.
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    Spearfishing doesn't really allow for catch and release. If I caught it on the line, I would let it go. If I had a chance while spearfishing, I would take it.

    I don't know why it would be preferable for its carcass to wash up rotten in a few years from whatever else killed it.

    Comparing a bunch of blue-collar Norwegian and German familes engaging in this long time tradition to canned trophy hunting is absurd. You all might want to spend some time up there with them before getting too offended. A lot of families up there, including a good number of my childhood friends, actually rely on wild game for a good bit of their food.
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    Congrats to the fisherman. I love watching dark house videos. I'm sure the fish will be put to good use. And while I get the somberness of an animal that old being harvested, it is a statistical anomaly that had gotten lucky over and over. Something was going to end that lucky streak.

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    n/m - hoosierdaddy1976 beat me.

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