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    Looking for good fishing one days drive

    My wife and and I and another couple are thinking about doing a four day fishing getaway in May. Wed like to find someplace that is not more than one days drive from Central Indiana. Well be looking for bass and pan fish ( crappie and bluegills ).

    Weve discussed Kentucky Lake and Barkley in Kentucky. Also, wondering about Patoka ? Perhaps even Reelfoot, but thats a little farther away.

    Hoping for some suggestions from first hand experience.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have caught a lot of nice fish at Patoka. It is my favorite lake.
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    I went to Barkley in 2010 and caught the biggest crappie of my life. If you have a boat with side imaging sonar, look for stake beds in the bottom. It is quite common for folks to make their own crappie hot spots down there. And I think they allow six lines per fisherman. Spider rigging is the thing down there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Richardson View Post
    I have caught a lot of nice fish at Patoka. It is my favorite lake.
    Agree with Patoka. You can get about anything out of there.

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    Patoka. Rent a cabin

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    Check out Willow Slough north Western Indiana. About 2 hours from Lafayette. Smaller but has great fishing, camping, etc.

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    Have you ever fished in a river?

    You never know what you might catch in the Ohio?
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    Manistique Lakes in northern Michigan

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    Rock-fishing in the Patuxent river and Chesapeake Bay. My kid is the one in the middle a few years ago with his besties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michigan Slim View Post
    Patoka. Rent a cabin
    Didn't know that you could rent them. I envision living in one if my marriage ever fails.

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