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    Trails in/around Daniel Boone National Forest

    I'm heading down to the Daniel Boone National Forest area for a couple days of Jeep exploring. I found the Walker Creek Road trail, and it looks pretty interesting. Has anyone here done that trail or know of other good ones in that area? I'm not looking for hard core off-roading, because It'll be just my Jeep with me and a couple of my kids. Moderate trails, even with a few difficult spots are fine, though, as the Jeep is very capable and I've got recovery gear, if necessary.

    If the water isn't too high, the Walker Creek Road trail looks like great fun.

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    All I can tell you is the R.R. Gorge area has a lot of clear trails, some are pretty long and challenging- high cliffs you can fall off of, great scenery, some poisionous snakes.,less traveled areas may be getting methy; been awhile since I've been down there. Had my car broken into at one of the remote trail heads; but that's everywhere these days

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