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Thread: Trail Cams 2019

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    Trail Cams 2019

    I am looking for a new trail camera, just to be used around the house to see mostly what 4 legged or flying critters are around at night or when I am not around during the day. I would be very surprised to find any 2 legged ones but all the better if they are on my property. In the past I have had problems with moisture even though they are not getting rained on. It would be convenient if it talks to my phone. I went to cabelas website to try to get a look at todays offerings and there were 22 pages, that is more than I can digest. The last thread I found here was a year ago and I figure that there are probably all new models out. I am not looking to cheap it out nor looking to have the best one in the county.

    What are you guys using and liking of the current offerings?

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    I run Cuddebacks and that is what I'm most familiar with. If you were planning to run multiple cameras in remote locations I would recommend the Cuddelink system cameras like I primarily used last year but since you are looking for a single camera to run in your yard, that actually makes it a little bit tougher to find a good fit in the Cuddeback lineup. The first thing I would suggest is looking for a Cuddeback Long Range Ir camera but this is a discontinued model and a bit hard to find in new condition. The second option would be the color version of the same camera with a standard flash. The standard flash does not allow you to take night time video though. The third choice would be the current production 20 MP Long Range Ir though I would look for a better price.

    I have less experience with the 20 MP Long Range Ir than the older models but it is built similarly to those earlier models and they have served me well for 3-4 years. IMO, these models seal out moisture better than some of the newer models but I would also recommend purchasing a Cuddesafe which will help reduce the amount of rain/snow that comes in direct contact with the camera. I've also heard good things about Browning and Stealth trail cameras but do not have any direct experience.

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