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    First Hoosier Fawn this year

    I just saw my first fawn of this spring. The doe walked across my backyard with the fawn right behind. Based on its spindly & wobbly legs, I would say it is just hours old (if not less). Its too bad I can no longer post photos. Has anyone else seen fawns, and when?
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    Marksman rosejm's Avatar

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    Saw momma nursing one yesterday afternoon at the edge of an un-prepped corn field up at the other end of this state.

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    livin' in the sticks ghitch75's Avatar

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    i have been seeing small prints in the back for over a week now...
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    Sharpshooter Restroyer's Avatar

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    The Does that travel on our property are pregnant but look ready to give birth any day now. Should be seeing new fawns and some new Turkey Poults on the trail cameras soon.

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    Haven't picked up any on the cameras so far.
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    My neighbor said we have one on the back of my property. I've seen the momma but not the baby yet.
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    Saw one squashed on a MI highway this morning.
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    Expert johntheplinker's Avatar

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    Last time I saw Ms. Doe she looked ready to pop and her udders were enlarged so I know she is close if not already dropped. Also the 3 other does that hang out here have all been running solo the last week or so, so they're getting close also.
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    About stepped on a newly hatched fawn this afternoon. Wide open woods with no brush and never saw it. Amazing how they blend in.

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    Expert johntheplinker's Avatar

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    Saw Ms. Doe this morning. She looks a lot thinner than last time (last Thurs or Fri) I saw her. Took her some corn and she let me get within about 6 feet of her! Never let me get that close before. Her udders were definitely being used so we've got at least one little one. I've got a good idea where she's got the little one(s) hid so I need to get a camera out this weekend.

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