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    Friend missing in dam

    A friend of ours was fishing in Monticello at the dam. He and a friend each put a kayak in the water. He was drawn into the dam current and tossed out. A life jacket was in his posession but he wasn't wearing it. He surfaced twice and disappeared.
    Kayaks are plentiful and cheap. They're not safe for high fast water. And wearing a life jacket is about your only hope for a rescue. I hope he doesn't mind sharing what happened if it gets someone else to wear a life jacket and think about where they launch and water conditions. Prayers to his family. I know they wish he would just come home.

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    Praying for his safe return home.

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    Ugh! That's tough stuff. Prayers.

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    Wow. I'm sorry for what is going to be your and their loss.
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    Sorry for your loss.

    While it is great advice to always wear your life jacket when on the water, doing so is unlikely to help someone caught in the currents associated with a dam. Dams create an extremely strong circular current where the surface waters flow toward the dam and the sub-surface current flows away once it contacts the dam. Once trapped in that kind of circular current, often the only ways out are to either make it to the edge of the dam and find a way to climb out or move along the bottom below the main current until you are past the circular flow. The bigger takeaway is to stay far, far away from dams!

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    Sorry about the loss, but I can't garner much sympathy.
    Water levels being what they have been, coupled with the inherint dangers involved around dam currents, it should be all but expected that a deadly situation would raise it's head.

    I'll never understand the mindset that says, "River up? No problem..."
    The Wabash river, and it's tributaries, have taken far too many lives, but it's almost always due to bad judgement and poor decisions.

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    Heard about this on TV-18. Sorry about your friend.

    Too much sorrow around here lately.
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    Sorry to hear of your loss, SB. Life insurance protects your family. Hope he had some.
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    I'm sorry to hear that, I've been following that somewhat. Last I heard, there were 4 drownings in our state over the holiday weekend. I love water, and I used to lifeguard, and I've gone out on the river when the water was up (yeah, I'm one of those people that occasionally makes bad choices, or at least admits to it). Kayaks are great fun, but I try to stay far away from any sizable dams. I know where that one is, I've been fishing there, but on the bank.

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    They found the body. Waiting on forensics to identify it.
    My wife keeps saying he jumped in to save his friend, who has a baby on the way.

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