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    Farmers not planting crops. How much will it affect hunting?

    So, it looks like a lot of farmers are considering not planting this year. What affect, if any, would this have on hunting

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    Im more worried about the spike in prices of goods. Its not just Indiana thats behind on planting crops. Its pretty widespread. Will have a price effect on grain this year, but i also believe will impact beef, pork, and chicken prices next year when the feed silos are empty from previous years crops.

    I do imagine it will impact hunting as well but to what extent remains to be seen.

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    Planting late is more of a reality than not planting. Indiana has 22% of its corn in as of yesterday.

    Plan on bow hunting over a standing crop. Probably gun season too.

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    Yeah, forget the hunting. Corn is in damn near everything and serious shortage of it would have serious economic consequences.
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    I think if the rain doesnt stop soon, you will see a lot of farmers leaving fields bare, and turning it over to insurance. I dont ever remember the midwest as a whole being this far behind. I know for a fact we have never been this late.

    As far as hunting it will help some folks, hurt others. If the farm you hunt is the only one in the area with crops you will see a ton of deer. If the farm you hunt is in a dead area you won't see much.

    I personally dont think you will see huge areas not planted. I think it will be more of a field here and there.
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    My understanding is that soybeans have a much shorter growing time and can be planted much later in the season than corn. So, I would think worst case we have a glut of soybeans and a shortage of corn this year.
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    Less than a month ago our local media was parading local farmers in front of the camera bemoaning how Trump's tariff war with China was going to cause a glut in this fall's corn and bean harvest and now I read here fear of empty silos instead due to weather. What's it going to be....can't be both.

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    Heard this morning that the USDA is reporting only 58% of corn is planted. Reporter said markets were expecting a record low of 68% planted by Memorial Day, but ended up being even worse than that with a new record low of 58% planted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rookie View Post

    So, it looks like a lot of farmers are considering not planting this year. What affect, if any, would this have on hunting
    With no corn crop I would definitely expect a significant shift in the normal patterns on our farm. If the farmer leaves the fields which would normally have been planted in corn alone you can bet we'll be planting some sweet corn on our own. I'd think a season without corn on our place would have a significant impact on the survival rate of the herd.
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    If I recall correctly, deer have a fairly hard time actually digesting corn. They like to eat it, but it doesn't do them a whole lot of good.

    It will be less cover for them during the summer and fall, and I think that is a bigger issue than their diet. Just one man's opinion.

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