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    Anyone know of a deer hunting outfitter where you see too many deer?

    Years ago I went deer hunting in Wisconsin and there were deer all over the place. Back in '06 a non resident doe tag was something silly like $2 per tag. The last time I went to Wisconsin at the same place the non resident doe tags were $10 each. I've slowed down on my hunting, but this year my wife developed an allergy/sensitivity to beef so now you can read my mind. I don't care about hunting for antlers, but I wouldn't mind finding a cost effective way to pile up some does to last the family the next year. I'm going to do some looking around in the area I'd been to in the past for another outfitter in the area for a simple shoot, but I thought I'd also ask around here to all the experts. Ideally, I think 3 or 4 does would be enough to more than get us by.

    Anyone know of a place?

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    Urban hunting areas. Marion county.
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    Sign up for the State Park Reduction hunts. Higher than average success and it doesn't count toward your totals.

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    Both of the above are good plans and there are some counties down south with large doe counts that contain HNF property.

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