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    Gear advice for newbie deer hunter

    I have a plot of land out in Parke County. I have never hunted deer out there before, but I am doing it this year. Set up trail cams last season and figure out where the deer are moving through. Set up two tree stands this summer in the right places.

    I have a rifle and scope all set up and ready to go. Also have a FIL who has all the field dressing experience and tools. But wondering what other gear you all would consider essential.

    Regular camo clothes or scent blocker clothes?
    Deer calls?
    Doe scent?
    Other things I have no idea about?

    Not trying to break the bank on this hunt, but want to be sure I am going into it with the necessities.

    Thanks for any advice for this deer hunting newb.

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    Patience. Go out and sit on stand a few times and practice just sitting still and letting the day flow past you. It's something new and different for anyone who hasn't hunted before.
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    second patience, and would add warm comfortable clothes.

    Good warm Hat, gloves/mittens that you can shoot with (shots will come quick), something for the face too, at least 2-3 underlayers of clothing and a nice coat, warm pair of bibs, 2 socks, and insulated boots.

    Hunting is best described as hours of waiting for a few minutes of total exhilaration followed by hours of hard work.

    Practice walking quietly to your stands too; know the area and anything that will make noise. I snuck in to my blind perfectly, not a noise, only to sit down on a chair cushion that made a loud air noise that spooked the dear in the area....

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    3rd Patience... Yes- go out before the season and just sit... We take bottle of water, small first aid kit w/ quik-clot, hand warmers, enough layered clothes so you can always take layers off. It sucks if you're freezing cold. Anything else I may have missed.

    Good luck! And take pics!

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    If you aint comfy, they you won't be paying attention.
    Or you'll not stay out very long.

    Gun season, lots of people will be out.
    Many will get tired/bored and get down, do pushes or just leave.

    Do not be one of those guys.

    If a pass through, or even if not...........most of my deer are killed between 10am and 2 pm.

    When those around me have gotten down at 10 am.

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    Might want to take an extra orange hat.
    If you do get on the ground to hunt, hanging the spare high and behind your position adds safety.
    I hunt creekbottoms and set up just below the high side folks may not see me even w vest/hat.
    Hanging one higher behind just makes me feel better.

    Nobody else supposed to be hunting there.
    Doesn't mean somebody won't shoot that way.

    Extra orange is cheap.

    Plus if you hunt big ground the extra hat can mark where the dead deer is, save you from taking the scenic route when you are coming back with the cart.



    A sharp knife. Proly nitrile gloves for field dressing.
    Jug o water and paper towels for clean up of hands/arms (if one gets that messy LOL).
    Some folks oops the field dressing, water helps erase the mistake.

    A good stick w rope to tie a does head/feet to, makes dragging them out way easier.
    But you should pop one and do it the old fashioned way of just grabbing behind the foot and pull.......getting the wonderful hand cramp after a few yards
    Just once LOL.
    Bucks w decent antlers have good enough grab.

    IMHO there's no need to split the pelvis w saw.
    Yet my hunting bud still wants to do that, after years of not (but he started his deer hunting with folks that did).
    A reg sharp 4" fixed blade knife should be all you need.

    A deer is just a giant rabbit. Maybe intimidating, but after one or two you're a pro.



    Grunt call. Doe bleat (can type). They work, but timing is everything.
    Watch some hunting videos to see how much/little is right.

    My suggestion in that is to watch "The Hunting Public" videos on YT.

    They aint trying to sell you stuff.............blasting calls at deer that have had zero pressure.

    Heck, they're pretty entertaining.
    Those guys and "Whitetail Adrenaline".

    Only ones I watch, and FWIW I detest the outdoor channel programs.
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    Be constantly aware of the wind direction and how it is changing. Move accordingly.
    The Windy app will help.
    A rangefinder is also helpful.
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    When I started deer hunting I made all kinds of rookie mistakes that I'm happy to list out.

    *Don't buy full camo outfits for every season of the year. Odds are you're going to be throwing a giant orange sheet over the top of yourself anyway, so what's the point in some fancy camo from head to toe. I'm in a ground blind so I don't even bother with it at all anymore, but for a tree stand you'll need/want it. I'd just get one oversized layer of camo that you can throw over whatever cold weather you already have if you've already got something that'll work.

    *Don't fall for all the knife, gut hook, whatever gimmicks. Every time I bought some new gadget I ended up feeling dumb for buying it by the time I was done using it for the first time. You can field dress a deer with any small folding pocket knife out there, just don't get caught up into the hype of needing something fancy.

    *Don't worry about doe bleats, rattles, or calling devices. I've never seen them work, but I have definitely watched them fail. I've seen deer too far away in the distance at the end of a day and have tried experimenting with all the gadgets usually with the same result of a deer head popping up alerted and shortly followed by the deer running off in the opposite direction. If there's an art to that, I don't know it. I watched dvd's and you tube videos and wtih a can you turn upside down I don't know how you can possibly screw that up. These days, I just let the kids play with those, but they do not go hunting with me.

    *All temp ratings on boot manufacturers are full of it and inconsistent across the board. I've had Rockies, with 800 grams of thinsulate or whatever other big numbered cold weather rating out there fail miserably and to have cold feet. A couple years ago a buddy of mine pointed me towards "Sorel Mens Conquest" boots and on the gear specs they only have 400 grams of thinsulate but are hands down the warmest boots I've ever worn outdoors and I'll never give them up.

    *Aside from all the gear stuff I mentioned, the best practical thing you can do is when you get in your stand or get setup, take a couple of practices at positioning yourself for a shot. The last thing you want is for an animal to be giving you a shot and now you have to figure out how much stuff is in your way or has to move or that your sling is caught on something or any number of things like that get avoided by taking a couple of practice setups.

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    You may want to consider the UV-killer orange stuff. While hunting with a friend a few years ago we were able to see the deer react to regular orange. We were downwind and motionless, but they still saw me and reacted. No problem with that since the switch.
    Rights are only as secure as the ability to wield sufficient force to defend them. - J. Neil Schulman

    “There's nothing wrong with the country a bad recession couldn't fix.” - Irving Kristol

    "He's not a tame lion..."

    1 Samuel 13:19

    Psalm 149:6

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    A harness.
    The best harness you can afford.
    If you don't have/ can't afford one, someone on here, maybe even me, will give you one.
    Deer hunting sucks when you have a broken back or very dead.
    Bonus tip: the wind is a Deer's best friend and your new enemy. Learn to use it to your advantage and set stands accordingly.
    Good luck and stay safe.

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