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    2019 Deer Season

    I haven't seen anything posted yet so I figured I would start a thread. Has anyone had any luck yet this year. If so let us know how your hunt went and what you bagged? I have only been out once so far and haven't seen a single deer.

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    I put down a doe on Sunday morning.

    Video of course if you are into that sort of thing. Please crush the "SUBSCRIBE" button on my channel. Your support means a ton to me.

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    Hit one Wednesday but not injured enough to slow down or leave a blood trail. Tracked for 1.5 hours with no success. 50+ yard shot with a crossbow.
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    Pretty bright red blood, spencer.

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    I haven't been out and don't know how much I'll get to. I've had it really good for years but a new job is putting a real damper on my season.
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    I'm bummed out this year. I had private land for the last 5 years but the owner passed this spring. His kids are looking to be greedy with the property and are trying to sell to a homebuilder looking put a subdivision in. Wouldn't give me permission.

    What ticks me off the most is I never met his kids because they couldn't bother to help their dad out. I mowed his grass, cleaned his gutters, took him grocery shopping once a week, etc. In trade to use the property. Even offered the kids the option of I would upkeep the yard maintenance thru the year to keep access to the property, but was a no go. This will be the first time in over 15 years I probably won't bother going out. The public land around here is full of idiots.

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    Might head out this weekend.

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    I put one doe in the freezer last week. Hoping to hit it hard for a buck in a week.

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    Haven't seen much this year, living on a high dry ridge. Deer are all down in the valleys where water and what remains of forest under story still stand. I'm set up to hunt in what food areas I have like oak and persimmon trees.
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    been letting does walk past , and passed on a spike buck & y buck..

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