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    Expat nailed my method. I field dress where it fell unless it is laying down hill. If it is heading down hill, I spin it around and go to work. Get the guts out asap to aid in cooling the meat. It also takes a few pounds off of what you have to drag out.
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    No, I'm pretty sure Chubbs was telling the truth.

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    yes field dress where it dropped. Then hang for a couple of days before quartering and putting in the fridge for about a week. If too warm to hang then we quarter and put in a fridge, usually process about a week later.

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    Why carry all that extra weight back to camp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregkl View Post
    And after immediate field dress, hanging cool, make sure whomever processes it does not saw through bone. All venison must be deboned to obtain the best flavor.

    There are a lot of ideas out there about how to get the best tasting venison. Some are good, a lot are debatable. But getting bone dust in your venison is not adding good flavor to the meat.

    I have gotten to the point in life that the only venison I eat is that which is process by either of my two brothers or myself.
    This is good info, we always bone out the meat.
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    My neighbors are trophy hunters. They drag deer with a four wheeler and need two guys to load whole deer in the truck to take their deer to the processor. They have talked about paying more to have the processor gut the deer for them.

    The neighbors have some really nice taxidermy hanging on their walls. In ten years, I have never heard them even mention eating the venison.
    Done, done, and Iím on to the next one...

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    I love to hunt but unfortunately my wife and daughter aren't keen on eating venison so I typically donate the meat from my buck. This also makes my life easier as I'm rarely ready to call it quits and head home so I don't have to worry about properly storing the meat (I live almost 2 hours from where I hunt). My taxidermist has a list of needy families who need the meat so I consider it a win-win. If I decided I want to put some venison in the freezer I prefer to wait until later in the season when it's nice and cold and I can head home right after the harvest.
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    Field dress as soon as posible.


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    A word of warning -
    pull the knife towards you. Always pushthe knife away from you.

    Yep! Cut myself really good last year field dressing the best doe I have ever taken. (Rihno).

    Be careful, especially with a really honed blade!!


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    Thats Rhino not rihno...


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    Dress em on the spot. Like a big rabbit but not as nasty smelling and stuff easier to get ahold of.

    1st is intimidating. 2nd is a " hmmmm" and you're a pro by the 3rd

    Or should be IMHO.

    Doing a good job shows respect for the critter by my view. Go to a processor and see how sloppy the ones coming in look.


    Takes me about 8 minutes w a bad back. Blood not past my wrists. None on clothes.

    Done a few LOL

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