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    Add 1 more!

    Tulta munille! HAKKAA PÄÄLLE

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    My daughter's military housing complex in Twentynine Palms has a massive coyote problem. We saw one last week pulling into the complex, about 100 feet from the armed guard at the gate. She sent me this yesterday...

    Of course being on a military base, guns are forbidden to solve such a problem. If she calls PMO (Marine Police) they just tell her, it's their home too.

    I guess she'll just have to wait until they show up in officer's housing and some LtCol's wife loses her purse dog.
    Necessity is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

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    11 total now!

    Follow my son's journey as he travels Europe on this thread. or on FB . He has been posting more on the Art page than his Sketchy Travels page that he started when he left on this trip.

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    +1 12. Had my first kill with suppressor. Nice not having Kansas wind today.

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