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Thread: Muzzleloading Game-Changer?

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    Muzzleloading Game-Changer?

    New for 2020 is the NitroFire muzzleloader rifle from Traditions Firearms which utilizes the new Federal Ammunition FireStick: a new system that might change the world of muzzleloader hunting forever

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    Looks to me like they just re-invented the metallic, plastic cartridge.

    Dirty Steve

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    Yeah, no thanks on the proprietary charger cartridge. I’m going to stick to my triple se7en pellets so I don’t get stuck paying whatever exorbitant amount of money they’re probably going to charge for that cartridge...not to mention the freedom to determine my own charge! I’m sure they’ll have options available, but for some distances I only use two pellets...depends on my stand location.

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    I am surprised that ATF has not determined this to be a cartridge based firearm and therefore regulated.
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    Cartridge has ignition, propellent and projectile in one unit.

    Unitizing two of the three doesnt make a cartridge.
    Sounds like bullet still goes in from muzzle and primer/propellent unitized from the other end.

    Read: still a PITA.
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    An ingenious solution to a nonexistent problem.
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    What about the crud ring using BP subs?
    What about breach plugs getting fouled?
    What about powder moisture?

    Might address those issues.

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    I still like sidehammers more than inlines.
    But nowadays pretty much consider BP an absolute PITA.

    Late season ill bowhunt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Dog View Post
    I am surprised that ATF has not determined this to be a cartridge based firearm and therefore regulated.
    At the end of the article is explains that you still have to fill out a 4473 to buy one. BATFE is treating it as a modern firearm, it just qualifies as a muzzleloader under SOME state hunting regs. Definitely a very niche product.
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    Not legal to use in ML season in Indiana!

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