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    Quote Originally Posted by yetti462 View Post
    Up to 15 sheds and 5 dead heads. Thursday saw a big 8 with both sides still on.
    Did that disease hit your area hard last summer?

    Got out a while over the weekend but didn't find any. Got a good idea where they've been hanging out at so going to spend some more time in that AO this weekend.
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    Area to my west got hit hard, found several before season opened up.

    The 5 I've found of recent were killed during season.

    I did find a side to one I found last year, bout 1/2 mile apart and surprisingly not gnawed up bad.

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    Finally found one!

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    IMG_0396 (2).jpg

    I went shroom'n Friday. All I found was an old doe skull, little buck skull and half of a pretty good 10pt shed to decorate my shroom'n stick
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    Saw a spike yesterday with both sides still.

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