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    What type of plant is this?

    Found this growing around my maple tree in my yard. Anyone know what it is? EA5C47C0-4156-476E-A9C6-E3D774E41D35.jpeg3C682F76-3EF6-4FBB-8C47-9D0616A8DC9B.jpeg

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    Poison Ivy. Wash everything multiple times. Get Calamine lotion.
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    Poison ivy.

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    Hope you washed your hands really well after handling it like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phase2 View Post
    Poison Ivy. Wash everything multiple times.
    Beat me to it!

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    There is also a wash called TecNu. You rub it on affected areas before washing with soap and water. It works great. I get poison pretty easily and will break out really bad if not careful. Since I have used this stuff, my spots are minimal.

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    You can use jewelweed to treat poison ivy and stinging nettle pain. Not sure if you have any around but in the country it’s pretty abundant. Dawn dish soap is great for removing the risk or reducing the amount of rash you get

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    Oh sh**.

    That’s gonna leave a mark.
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    Enjoy your rash! A OTC allergy med like Claratin, Zyrtec and the like will work wonders knocking down the itching and blisters when used with topical ointments. What ever you do, don't burn it. The urushiol will get airborne and if breathed in can cause a rash to develop in the sinuses, throat, and lungs.

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